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Dude it's a deal It was originally 640
So how IS the quality of the gear @ Suitsupply? I've never heard of this brand until this article. Had a peek at their website and their stuff looks good. How does it compare to say J Crew (both of which I have not been because I live in HK), better comparison is...........Zara?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightbringer Grossly. I was so disappointed after going there. Such a walk too! I saw cotton bracelets with a skull on it for 50 euros there. That place is severely overrated. Cool looking shop though. OP: Hit up A.P.C., I bought a pair of pre-washed Jeans there that I haven't been able to find anywhere in HK. It was only 175 euros. Of course the LV/Goyard/Charvet are must go's
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Pink Sorry, Joe Hemrajani of mytailor.com. He has an office in California and tours the U.S., but manufactures in HK. I don't know if he has any HK retail presence. I see. I live in HK at the moment, still trying to grasp the tailoring game. I already have a suit from Jantzen (the cheapest range), the jacket doesn't fit and the pants are not sewn properly (there's a hole in the left pant calf area, fixed it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Pink If I lived in HK or visited often, I would definitely do this, but the hassle factor makes it a less palatable choice. I'm reasonably happy with mytailor and their $125 to 140 Thomas Mason fabrics, so I'll probably stick with them for work shirts. Who, sir, is your tailor?
Quote: Originally Posted by RogerC But he does CMT shirts, so if you find some good fabrics... Lol don't get me started on that......I am a complete noob in this area and some members here have suggested doing that but providing absolutely no info on where to source fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Pink Based on limited experience with PL, two shirt orders, you need to be very specific about what you want. Things I take for granted like removable collar stays and gauntlet buttons were not standard. Ok that's good to know, I also agree with what emptym said before about the stitching. My dad was helping me iron them the other day and he said the thread was "shrinking" making it incredibly hard to iron. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Which branch - I wear shorts and tee shirts at the Peninsular Hotel branch without problem of this type, somewhat odd I feel. However don't expect to be able to get a coffee at the Peninsular so dressed! The IFC one, I come in, say Hi, and they just look bewildered. I told them I'd made an appointment and they told me to sit down. Turns out they thought it was someone else of the same name. But nevertheless guy...
Gentlemen, So I'm going to Peter Lee for the first time to make a summer suit (along with a shirt or two), what sort of things do I have to keep in mind? I just did a search and realise that a fully canvassed suit will cost be around 5500 HKD (starting). Other than that, what should I keep in mind? Some facts about me: I just recently made a suit elsewhere in HK, the shoulder is the biggest issue and I am somewhat bulky up top (for local HKer standards), so too much...
A proper (good) Panini in Hong Kong. That or Tapas. OR Just a good Grill Cheese
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