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Well of course you're correct, TBH if they had any of the A&H skills they wouldn't be copying anyone else's stuff. But if you're just shooting for a similar silhouette then I don't think its a big deal.Plus if you can afford a TF suit WTF are you doing getting your other suits copied?
Agree, I brought my RING JACKET MTM to PL to imitate, it's........like 80% there.It's not bad at all.
Can you give some details on pricing and location of the store? I was about to make shirts !
Just buy one from Brooks Brothers, I think its like HK $760 and its always on sale (with some credit card promotion).I also believe Jantzen does too.
I've been to TCNY, went through the Fabric selection, they do have nice fabrics like Zegna which will cost you nearly 10k. Sounds like a great deal until they "measure you" which basically means wearing different sizes of the OTR stuff in the store and making alterations here and there. The problem is that it's not a tailor doing this, it's just the lady in the shop, so the approach doesn't really consider the ramifications of how altering one area will impact the other....
Guys, I just got a notification from Revolve Clothing that they have the Black in M back in stock, I just bought one, go check it out!!
Hi, Just wondering when the Villian hoodie would be back in stock....I also want to ask about sizing, I'm 5'7 160lbs....is Medium sufficient? Thanks
I'm very much interested in the order, but I have not purchased a pair of VASS before, can anyone here advise on the sizing ?
I am assuming that you're young right?If you're still in your early 20s I am also assuming your body shape is proportional. That being said I would simply go off the rack first and just go to a tailor. Tailors from my experiences take a few tries until they get it right, unless you're going to an expensive one, but they'll cost you at least 10k a suit. That being said tailors wise people here go to Lee Baron a lot. I go there myself but I don't think I've ever made a suit...
LOL I just say canvass ( I forgot that the term is in Chinese), or I tend to say "I don't want the stuck on type" in Canto.
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