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There's one shop that I know that will sell to you, but they ONLY have Zegna shirting because they're primarily a suiting distributor.
Mine actually fit pretty good, granted I got it like 3 years ago and they weren't as busy, I also went on the weekend so they had more time to make sure the fit was fine.
I have a tux from them made for less than 4k. It's great cuz its dark and I always get drunk in it and not have to worry about fucking it up.
I like AC for shirt, yes it's expensive, but they let me be super picky with the sizing and collar when I had them made, I made my own extreme cutaway collar with pictures only and they were willing to change it like 5 times before I approved. A lot of people here will find the shirts at AC too exp (I agree to a degree), but I shoot for quality over quantity.Janzten shirts are ok, I mean they're essentially a factory now and they just churn out shirts.Made some shirts from...
I'll try to snap some pics tonight.More info, I practically gave them my RJ suit, told them to make a Wool / Cotton / Seersucker suit (3 total)I remember the cost being the same as a regular CMT fully canvassed 5K+ HKDAgain it's not perfect as they were apprehensive about copying some details exactly i.e. label width.
Well of course you're correct, TBH if they had any of the A&H skills they wouldn't be copying anyone else's stuff. But if you're just shooting for a similar silhouette then I don't think its a big deal.Plus if you can afford a TF suit WTF are you doing getting your other suits copied?
Agree, I brought my RING JACKET MTM to PL to imitate, it' 80% there.It's not bad at all.
Can you give some details on pricing and location of the store? I was about to make shirts !
Just buy one from Brooks Brothers, I think its like HK $760 and its always on sale (with some credit card promotion).I also believe Jantzen does too.
I've been to TCNY, went through the Fabric selection, they do have nice fabrics like Zegna which will cost you nearly 10k. Sounds like a great deal until they "measure you" which basically means wearing different sizes of the OTR stuff in the store and making alterations here and there. The problem is that it's not a tailor doing this, it's just the lady in the shop, so the approach doesn't really consider the ramifications of how altering one area will impact the other....
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