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I'm going to print this and distribute it to my friends, more importantly I gotta post this in my room so I stop buying suits. Like you I bought way too many shitty suits. The better solution is for me to lose some damn weight and just buy OTR
Hi, Looking to buy a pair of escobars, I'm 5'7 160+, my thighs aren't skinny and I have a 32inch waist....will it fit in a Large?? (model in pic is wearing a Medium, so I figure a Large is enough, I wear a large Villian hoody)
I'll be going to Tokyo for 5 days from 22-27 in November, was wondering if anyone can give me some updated info on places to stay and shop in Tokyo? Not looking for a super fancy room, just a single bed in a convenient location in the city will do. As for shopping, I am aware that I ought to just stick to Isetan, but I'll definitely visit stores like Ring Jacket and United Arrows, but any tips are welcome. Also going to be shopping for street brands as well...looking...
I agree. Ascot Chang is exp but in terms of service its by far the most accomodating. I requested a extreme cutaway collar from scratch and they were more than happy to help me make one, and it took several tries. At the time I was a first time customer ordering just the basic fabrics too.
Different collar styles, loved Unilqo this summer because they launched some spread collar and button down ones in good quality.
A/C is $850, I know because I also wanted to buy from Adair and get CMT done LOL.Do you know how much per yard they're selling?
Anyone know where I can get some slip-on's online? Toss up between CP and Diemme right now for me
Zara/H&M/Tailors in Hollywood MallWe don't need another thread on the Hong Kong Tailors really. They're all sort of the same.
There's one shop that I know that will sell to you, but they ONLY have Zegna shirting because they're primarily a suiting distributor.
Mine actually fit pretty good, granted I got it like 3 years ago and they weren't as busy, I also went on the weekend so they had more time to make sure the fit was fine.
New Posts  All Forums: