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I agree. Ascot Chang is exp but in terms of service its by far the most accomodating. I requested a extreme cutaway collar from scratch and they were more than happy to help me make one, and it took several tries. At the time I was a first time customer ordering just the basic fabrics too.
Different collar styles, loved Unilqo this summer because they launched some spread collar and button down ones in good quality.
A/C is $850, I know because I also wanted to buy from Adair and get CMT done LOL.Do you know how much per yard they're selling?
Anyone know where I can get some slip-on's online? Toss up between CP and Diemme right now for me
Zara/H&M/Tailors in Hollywood MallWe don't need another thread on the Hong Kong Tailors really. They're all sort of the same.
There's one shop that I know that will sell to you, but they ONLY have Zegna shirting because they're primarily a suiting distributor.
Mine actually fit pretty good, granted I got it like 3 years ago and they weren't as busy, I also went on the weekend so they had more time to make sure the fit was fine.
I have a tux from them made for less than 4k. It's great cuz its dark and I always get drunk in it and not have to worry about fucking it up.
I like AC for shirt, yes it's expensive, but they let me be super picky with the sizing and collar when I had them made, I made my own extreme cutaway collar with pictures only and they were willing to change it like 5 times before I approved. A lot of people here will find the shirts at AC too exp (I agree to a degree), but I shoot for quality over quantity.Janzten shirts are ok, I mean they're essentially a factory now and they just churn out shirts.Made some shirts from...
I'll try to snap some pics tonight.More info, I practically gave them my RJ suit, told them to make a Wool / Cotton / Seersucker suit (3 total)I remember the cost being the same as a regular CMT fully canvassed price....like 5K+ HKDAgain it's not perfect as they were apprehensive about copying some details exactly i.e. label width.
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