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I think there's more to being a tool than a shirt. And.. I don't know why you'd care what everyone else thinks as long as you feel good. I hope to by this shirt tomorrow and will probably wear it with my selvage buckle back khakis and some brown boots. Nothing too serious..
This is honestly getting ridiculous.. This is a RRL appreciation thread. Why are we doing anything besides appreciating RRL?
DO IT! I'll post mine later!
I did check online but didn't see it, thank you anyway.
Is this a current item? What's the price and where did you see it?
RRL Clothing - I'm sorry..(unless you are BluePresent). Can we be friends? I now hate Del Toro.
I just killed myself.
I sold you my oxitos, my killa...
Damn, this thread sucks now.
NAMOR, any wear on the oxbloods?
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