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Can you give us some info about the items?
Yup. Do it. But u can't wear them until next year!
I sold one before to some dude in Japan.. I bought all of those braces for myself thinking that I'd wear them but I never have. They've been in my closet just hanging there. So I figured I'd let them go.
Well.. It's mine and I don't use whistles. It's been sitting in a shoebox. And I've never used a BB gun before
I tried it on before.. Didn't like it. The cowichans always look better online because of their thickness. When you are close up, it doesn't look as nice. In my opinion.
I've been thinkin about these too.. I might do it since u said that... I'm still trying to break in my buckleback selvage chinos...
A gunshot or stab wound.
Yea, I've seen these in store.
No... Actually the grassy hill's are Low Straights and are a different shade. These are more of an olive.
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