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Sale isn't that great...
I have a RL giftcard that I want to get rid of.. It's $1,113.97. I'll let it go to you guys for $1,013.97. That's $100 Free money if you're planning to make purchases in the upcoming sale.
I don't get what you're saying but you know the answer to your own question.
Is it weird that I wear the same size in all my clothes?
Fellas.. I just posted an A-2 jacket in Small on eBay. Obviously I'll hook you guys up. I posted some other RRL items too.. Let me know if you want playa prices Username: soulrebel619
No they won't.
I sold a pair to NAMOR in size 36 a while ago that he claims to never wear. Other than that... Forget about it. Literally.
Lacoste sweater?
Hahahahahaha.. Asshole
I agree that RRL is made for fashion, not to get you suited up for battle.. Any way, nice shit. I like their vintage items but in my size they're non existent (XL). It's also cool how RRL has something for people with different styles. And.. Can we keep the negativity to a minimum? That shit is getting old.
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