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Right, my stitching on my Spring Creeks is almost completely gone and I like it that way, it gives them character. I agree that it's a part of the RRL look. You're supposed to wear the shit out of them. Then where the shit out of them some more.
Talking about each others asses now?
There were a bunch on eBay maybe a year or two ago. I believe they are plaid tuxedo (indicated by the side stripe) jeans from a black tie holiday collection, I just don't remember when. They are slim fit as well.
Can you clarify please?
^Exactly. Of course I understand what you're saying. I'm not slow. No, My occupation is not a RRL reseller. My nearest outlet that carries RRL is 2 hours away. In the event that I'm in the area, I wi stop in. If they have 20-30 RRL items, only an idiot would leave them there. Why not make some money? I know how to do it so I do it. Like I said before, if the items don't sell in the store, they send them to outlets. Someone is going to buy them. SO, if you don't live near...
First of all, I didn't attack you, I attacked your statement so relax. People are allowed to disagree with you. You have THE SAME ACCESS as anyone else that lives in the U.S.A. If you can't do an in store purchase, do it over the phone or online. Simple as that. Some resellers suck ass, I completely agree. But I personally have resold items and I never mark them even close to retail. Also, I personally depend on some resellers because sometimes I miss an item and it pops...
Your logic seems a bit ridiculous considering that you have the same access to merchandise as anyone else. It'd also be wise to start a good relationship with a RRL sales rep. They will learn what you like and be more willing to let you know about price drops, to hunt down items, etc. if you continuously buy from them.I can only say this because I used to think that way. If you see it and you want it. Buy it. If you don't have enough money, start a savings for the next...
Good point, actually. If it made it to the outlet, that means you didn't want it that bad.
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