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Wow. Is that language really necessary?
I ASSUME it's cause of greed but since we have a reseller here... I'm asking directly because assuming is wrong. Is GREED the fuel behind your practices, St00na?There's damn near 6,000 RRL items on eBay. Clearly sellers are miscalculating the worth of their items.My question is 80% curiosity 10% Annoyance 10% Hate
Since you are a reseller on eBay, maybe you can help me understand something. You guys prefer to sit on items for X amount of time until you get your Buy It Now price, if ever, rather than to lower the prices and actually move the items? I know that outlets sell jeans for $13-$50 when it's 75% off and with coupons. So... in my, possibly naive, eyes, even doubling your investment isn't bad. Can you shed some light?
They henleys also fit TTS, they're very comfortable and form fitting. If you want a looser fit then size up one but they fit very well.
+1 on the low straights
Private sales usually include everything.
It's pronounced "brotha"!Keep ya game tight, playa!
Whooooooooaaa... there skippy...
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