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Uh oh.. another person offering blankets with smallpox in them..There have been people here in the past offering discounts. It didn't turn out well.
Here we go again... The worst part is that I get emails when there are unread posts and when I read through them its just cackling and moaning.
I don't get it.
I left the thread because of the useless arguing only to come back and find pages and pages of more useless arguing.
I've been around. I just feel like the thread has fallen off a bit.Happy New Year everyone.
Free money for RL shoppers. $447 Gift card for $410 I can send the card number VIA paypal or I can send the card to you. Can be used at any Ralph Lauren boutique, RRL, Denim and Supply or on Paypal gift payment please.
It is 100% your choice whether to be polite or not. However, I don't recall being impolite to you at any point. Please refrain from dragging me down your hole of negativity.Happy New Year
I don't know if you noticed but... this is the RRL thread.
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