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Anyone have a local store with the Railway Messenger?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude NWT LVC 1947 501 deadstock in 28x34 for 150 shipped pm me --> dropped to 100 I'm looking for some of these in a 30 (29 true waist). If I wore the 28 while drying, would they stretch to fit me, and shrink to a 32 in the length? Or if anyone has a 30, PM me
How much would you be looking to sell for?
Quote: Originally Posted by chinoguy Does the DB loosen up a lot with time? Do you buy them one size down? I tried the 42 (which is my real foot size) but it felt a bit tight. The 42.5 feels too comfortable, my toe don't touch the end of the shoe. I'm not sure which one to buy. I'm thinking of getting two pairs one in brown, one in tan. I've got the DB in beeswax, so I can only vouch for leather, but they definitely stretch
Quote: Originally Posted by Crockostyle This is a PSA for those in the Chicago area. The Oak Brook J Crew has, at this time, about 4 of the Woodland Jackets in their sale section, 2-3 in XS and one in XL. They are marked down to $99.99, which, minus the 40% off final sale, gets you in a really great jacket out the door under $65. This is a crazy good deal. I got the last medium and I would have been happy paying 3x the current price for this...
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