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STEPPING UP THE GAME AS NECESSARY Hope everyone realizes that
Because there's no reason to fill the box with any less then A+ goods. Isnt that the point of this round?THIS
Now im just confused. I thought I missed the point with the grenadine because its apparently crap and now you want it in the box?
OK so sorry about the sh!t storm i've raised over the box... Im getting it now how A+ y'all wanna keep the box. Being that my camera skills suck and everyone always asks what color the ties are, Ill just post "stock" of what's going in (if that's ok) GOING IN YHN, not sure if I ever wore it (maybe once) I'm going to take the Grey Brioni which was generously added by Red. If all is good I will try my best to get this out tomorrow. Next in line (stitchy?) PM your deets
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PM sent
PM sent
Not exactly sure what your problem is at this point. I understand you and when I get the box I will decide on a swap or just pass.
I have 2 which is really why Im parting with it. I wear mine all the time. Regardless if there's something I like Ill swap it or the YHN I took last time.
I actually didnt even think you guys would have a problem with this being that its a grenadine
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