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A browning agent, or something highly acidic like mustard. Just scuff up the buttons and brush it on
You can force tarnish the buttons
Wool socks are your friend for wicking away moisture and keeping your feet warm
Well you give it to your gamekeeper/gardener to wear a few seasons...
Anyone else have shit luck with Red Wing laces? All three pairs I've bought have had broken snapped laces in under 3 months...
you don't, but thats ok it gives it character...
My Bedale's almost 30 years old and is holding up fine, I tore a pocket last year... My Border is 5 years old and has no wear except where I scuffed the front with a saw blade. Sounds like you just had crap luck...I've seen plenty of Tokito, nice but not light years ahead of anything
What sales associate? If it was from the Newbury St. store, they are all pretty much idiots. It's a non-made in England jacket as I understand. They could crank out as many of these a day as they wanted.
anyone have a Patagonia Nano Puff and can comment on fit? I'm looking at the vest as something I can thro under a sports coat or a Barbour.
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