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I wish that cambridge saxxon suit was 30W. Damn!
Interested in the solid navy and solid charcoal
may be a stupid question. How do you use suddenlee with uniqlo j+? Don't I need to be on a product page in order to add to cart? Should I use the UK site?
Looks like they restocked some of the slub crewnecks in the smaller sizes AND it's on sale! Picked up white and grey heather in M. Fantastic casualwear, though the S I ordered last time shrunk a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Smith New added 6-7. Blue University Stripe Supima OCBD. 14.5-32 Extra Slim Red University Stripe Supima OCBD. 14.5-32 Extra Slim pm sent.
Too bad there's no eu46... awesome threads
Bought uniqlo pants from kinch. Seems like he's always online to reply -- fast shipping arrived as described. Great stuff.
36r solid navy interest from me.
Am interested. Pm sent
!!! wish I had seen #4 when it was available Great deals.
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