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Sounds like a pretty typical networking experience. Bravo, for going through with it. Don't send a weekend email to a business contact that you don't know that well. It can wait until Monday morning. Write and save a draft now if you feel the need. Keep it short but relevant.
mack, The fact that you're bald is a game-changer. IMHO, almost all bald men look better with well-maintained facial hair. Alternatively, almost all men who have full heads of hair look better without.
Update: as the balance of opinions seemed to suggest, I went with the black captoes. Truthfully, I didn't realize until later that I didn't have an appropriate belt to wear with the longwings (I mostly wear them casually). Anyway, enough about the outfit...the second interview went well and I presented a technical seminar which was a hit...feeling good about my outfit certainly helped. The same day, they extended me an offer which I countered. I ultimately accepted a...
Assuming you're not trolling, I can't easily buy a new suit and get it altered in time, while being confident enough in the suit for interviewing. That, and I have not budgeted to buy a suit this week, so from a personal finance perspective, it's just not in the cards. This is what I meant, but chose to use the shorthand that you quoted. Thanks for your input.
OK, thanks. /thread
I am 33 years old. I interviewed a while ago for a mid-senior level position at a contract research company. To set the stage, I will say that most people in my line of work dress rather casually (denim or khakis, sport shirts), including those at this company (for instance the hiring manager was wearing jeans; only the ceo and one vp were wearing suits). Granted this was a Friday visit, so I don't know how they dress Mon-Thurs. For my initial interview, I wore a navy suit...
Be a good man and practice the campground rule, especially when dating someone much younger or with much less experience: leave it in better condition (emotionally, duh) than you found it.
Some would say that cuffs are more at home on the pleated pants, although I think they look fine on flat fronts as well. Given your height, a 2" cuff would look pretty good. I say do it. Regarding break, I think a slight break is a good break can look "too short" if not done just right (and especially if you're tall). Cropped is another matter. Lastly, given your age, people might not believe that you are sartorially sophisticated enough to bend the "rules" on...
Are they for a specific sport or activity? I have somewhat narrow feet and have had good luck with certain Nike models. If they're for casual wear, just throw in a pair of decent insoles to take up some volume. A knowledgeable salesperson should be able to help.
I have had it done, so it's possible up to a point. It's a lot more expensive and may make the shoulders fit too tightly.
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