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or Both are Chippwea, have vibram soles, and are USA made. Too torn between them. I'll be using the one I end up choosing as an everyday boot.
First WAYWT. army surplus thrifted cpo jacket jcpenney shirt (St. John's bay) baron wells clarks
Got the village slim chinos in canvas. Good lord, these things are nice. The flecks on the fabric are a really nice touch. They fit good too, but I feel a little insecure with the thinness at the crotch. Oh well, gonna live with it. I got a dirt stain on the knee, though. I haven't had experience with washing and cleaning canvas pants. How should I clean them? I feel like I made my situation worse by taking my finger, wetting it with water, and attempting to rub...
Yeah. Either that, or expect the inseam to shrink in the washer.
Dunno if I should've pulled the trigger on these Alpha Khakis. These are sized down two from my true waist size, to 30x30. My only gripes were the mid-rise and the really deep pockets. Thoughts?
I don't know if I should get this, or go for something else near the same price. Going on sale, total costs to $150 with promo code. I have little to no experience with jcrew sportcoats, if anything.
(the grey one to the right) or One's $64 going on $45 for sale at zappos, the other is $82 with a promo code. Which to get? Which one lasts longer?
Anyone have any experience on wearing SeaVees? I'm planning to buy the volunteer plimsoll and I have no idea if they run TTS or if I need to go up a 1/2 size, as some sources have told me.*category/denim/*designer/naked-and-famous*gender/men*&currIndex=0&pageSize=60&currSort=score&sortDirection=desc or
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