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Yeah I remember when the rake magazine wasn't available at US magazine stands,, the price of the magazines were double. When I was in Hong Kong last year, one of their largest bookstores, Page One claimed that the rake discontinued the magazine. It just didn't sound right.I was surprised to find the magazine at a Barnes ans noble in Manhattan a few days ago. Very surprised but nice.
Playing games at work is basically creating fictions numbers aka. Cooking the books
I appreciate the thoughtful reply. Getting a lawyer won't help, because the company constantly changes it's corporate policies. Currently the situation at my company is so dejecting that meeting your sales goal and helping management get a payout ISN'T enough and you can still get written up for BS performance if you don't play the "petty game". It just happened all of a sudden that is why it's ridiculous. On top of that false numbers are used for reporting, thus that is...
I'm thinking of resigning from my work after I found out that I was getting written up for "not playing games" at my work which deters me and my company from making money. I've hit all of my quarterly sales goals and have made money for management above me. Yet I'm in the sh*tbox cause the country hicks in North Carolina decided to play "games" so they don't have to pay bonuses and let people go. It's frustrating how you can make sales goals for yourself and mgmt yet get...
Vitaminwater and Bacardi rum. After a while it tastes the same. LoL
Most of San Francisco is walkable, unless you're on the Hunter's Point of 3rd Street behind the ballpark or travel the route of the K line behind 19th Avenue. In those two neighborhodds, it's Michael Johnson sprints left and right unless you willing to get jacked.
I work for a large corporation and lately many of my co-workers have been in a promotion slump. The area executive in charge of my area has been promoting idiots lately. (Ex. Managers that cannot read, write or compute basic math correctly on their own) All of the people that have been promoted by this area executive have fit the incompetent profile besides my previous manager who was very capable. This area executive isn't dumb, his credentials are from UPenn. My...
To all that inquired, the watch was SOLD long ago.
In regards to my original posting, if you were to have experienced the lameness that I had while on vacation, would you end your friendship with those type of people? I personally am seeing that their friendship is a huge waste of time if they can't get their stuff correct on vacation which also translate into life as well.
Eason, you read my mind. LoL. Seriously I don't even know why these "don't do things" people ever bother to go on vacation. Many times you don't know this until you go on vacation with them. They try to hide their "true" selves on a regular basis, but they reveal themselves when on vacation by "don't do things".
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