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Got these as a gift last spring but they were way too big for me. Brown leather, if they fit I am guessing they are amazingly comfortable. Either way going to get rid of them. $80 obo. Will trade for a set in 10 or 10.5 in a reasonable condition and color. These were worn exactly once for 15 minutes just to see if they fit. No dice. No box due to 3 year old daughter thinking it worked for doll bed. Edit: moving so fast I forgot to mention the size. They...
College/unie. This is fine. Besides at that stage, all of us architects/designers have the white or light blue shirt and khaki thing going. If you need to look the part this is it. Maybe add a sport coat.
Believe you may be referring to the "sail blue"
Anyone know what this color is? I can't tell if it is white, or a very light Khaki/off white color. Thanks in Advance
Thinning my collection of watches. Up for grabs is a 1952 Omega Seamaster Automatic. Watch is gold with Stainless backing. Bumper movement and includes the Alligator band in a light brown. The patina on the dial is an orangish as you can see in the pics. I don't know why this happened over they years. The watch was recently serviced (dec 2011) at GSA in Vienna VA. Please forgive the photos. they are extremely close up and I am new at the whole image thing. The...
Seriously gay or not, what is the real difference between these and the $4 chinese/south asian ones? Why pay that much for something with a whip stitch difference if you are going to get them? I don't say this much but in this case, go chinese...
sold! thanks.
I really mean no offence but you need a new watch guy... a year? For a great but standard calibre omega? I just had my late fathers '52 Seamaster entirely re-done. new escapement, balance wheel and crystal plus a few others I can't remember off hand. 6 weeks. Just sayin. I am glad you got it going again. it looks nice from what I can tell of the pick. great choice!To the OP. Chances are (guesses without seeing the back) that is a 30t2 movement. The watch could be...
not a penny spent.
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