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Thank you sacafotos & chewbocka. I really hope they will break for sure and not "eventually"
They are brand new and I wore them only 4/5 times.
My new cordovan boots are hurting me at the top of my ankle (both feet). At the end of the day I even have small skin cuts at this level and I have to wait few days that it heals before being able to wear them again. Just to be sure, will it get better after several wears? Because right now it is really painful.
Hi all, Long time lurker for me too! Alden is really hard to find in France (only two shops in Paris with small selection and high prices). I am so glad we spent few days in NYC two weeks ago with my girlfriend since I had the chance to find the shoes I wanted so much: a pair of Shell Cordovan Captoe Boots! I was really proud to bring them back to Paris! They are just back from the cobbler:
Hi, Did you finally find your belt? I just bought a pair of cordovan #8 captoe boots from Alden and I am looking for a nice 35mm belt to match the shoes.
I just grabbed this denim jacket at -30%:
Thank you mate but doesn't seem to work for me. I tried with several items in case some brands are excluded but without success.
The 'AUTUMN20' coupon for The Corner is already over ?
Thank you very much NED for this.Last question, does cordovan leather strech?When I tried them it was a perfect fit on my left foot but I felt really tight in the right one. Can figure if I should go half size larger or try to break them.
Sorry but... what is a "Trubalance last" ?I found these ones but doesn't have eyelet (I would prefer) and commando sole (but I guess I can make it add by my local cobbler).http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_cap_toe_boot_shell_cordovan_color_8/pvc-ald-mxsbd-4060_ald_m_cap_toe_boot_shell_cordovan.htmlEDIT: forget it I found the explanation of Truebalance Lasthttp://theagatineeyelet.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/barrie-trubalance-and-modified/
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