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Finally the SKINNY FIT! Now it is time to try my first pair of Gustins !
This thread is incredible, now I need to order a pair...
Yeah I think I'm gonna unsubscribe... in a couple of days... I promise I just got a mail from Yohei Fukuda answering my questions about it works. It really makes want to go to Japan!
I just found this picture on the Yohei Fukuda website... what a gorgeous pair of boots! After having done some search I found this topic. Great cause I really want to learn more about japanese shoe makers!
This is not what you are looking for? As soon as I receive the belt, I will send you a PM with photos of it side by side with my shoes. If you are interested I will give you the process of ordering.
I send them a picture of my shoes saying I want a matching belt in dark brown museum. They didn't told me anything about different shades of brown but I didn't ask neither hoping they understood what I am looking for. I found a picture of a person that has 3 museum belt from VASS: credit: Diavolo on the french forum http://engrandepompe.forumpersos.com/ He just mentionned Plum, Brown and Gold. On the photo the brown would satisfy my need except it appears a bit...
As far as I know there are 3 museums calf: plum, brown and gold.Regarding the price it will cost me 90€ (around $125) including shipping to France.
I finaly got an answer and they are willing to make me the belt. I need to send them all the measurements
Well actually they are brand new, I did nothing ! They have been sold to me as "Dark Brown Museum Calf" but to my eyes it is more a Misty Calf since the mottling effect is way more subtle that any other JLs museum I have seen.
My latest purchase : John Lobb Becketts Dark Brown Museum Calf... even if the museum is not that obvious on the photo
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