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Damned, I didn't succeed to get a Cameraman for sale ! If anyone want to sell one in size 46 feel free to PM me
I finaly found a cameraman to try in a shop and I know now I need a 46 Online shops here I am, I need to find a good deal.
Hi all, I love these Viberg chukka boots: I contacted the shop but no answer yet. Any idea where I could find something like these ones ? Thank you.
Any additional coupon for oki-ni ? Thank you.
They are leather. I even wrote a email to W+H trying to dig the problem (because once again I never had such an issue with any of my shoes, even my tennis and running trainers!) but I didn't find the cause. I will start to wear the brand new ones which are the same model and I will see if this happens again.
I have to say I'm not as satisfied as you all. I owned a pair of high-top for a year with regular wears. The left small steel tongue (I don't know how to call them) to zip and unzip broke after 8 months and the other other 2 months later. I put some small key rings to replace them. And I had a weird experience with these pair of sneakers: they quickly started to smell kind of funky. I have no idea why. I don't have any hygiene issue and I have many high end sneakers...
Does W+H used to propose sales during the Black Friday? I know this is a Canada based company but just in case...
Finally the SKINNY FIT! Now it is time to try my first pair of Gustins !
This thread is incredible, now I need to order a pair...
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