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I am so tempted to order one... but I can't figure out if I should go for the 46 or the 48 I am 5,84 feet (178cm) for 160lbs (73kg), 38,2 inches chest (97cm).Any advice on how to well spend $200 would be welcome
nice one. What brand?
I bought this one during the black friday, I can't be happier :http://www.zampadigallina.com/sac-de-voyage-en-cuir-calabrese-1924-8989493.htm
Damn! There is the Bottega Veneta cardholder that has been sold in front of my eyes on the european MrPorter ! It was available and it went sold out few second before I had the chance to pay.Do you know if the international version of MrPorter will also get new sale arrival?
Usually you have to wait that UPS fails the first attempt of delivery to be able to change the address. At least it is how it works here in France and it is pretty boring.
Hello guys, Does someone has a 34 or 36 Meermin belt? I would be interested in buying some but the sizing is not consistent compared to my current belts from C&J, Weston, etc. This measure would be great: Thank you very much.
Thank you very much for this!
Hello, I'm new to Viberg and I would love to try their boots. Do you know the LAST used for Viberg boots sold on MrPorter? For instance these ones? https://www.mrporter.com/en-fr/mens/viberg/leather-lace-up-boots-/523148 Thank you for your help. Can't wait to join the club
Yeah I pretty sure you can find a french retailer willing to send it to you in the US.
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