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I just placed an order for the Small Duffle Bag in Otter Green. I already have a Journeyman Backpack and the Original Briefcase (Apolis edition). I can't wait to extend my Filson bags with this new duffle
Thank you guys.I know my pictures do not help a lot since one is zipped and the other is not.I think you all convinced me to stay on the S. The fit is still fitted and I am way more confortable. Moreover it makes the jacket more flexible since I can wear it zipped or with a thin knitwear.Thank you again for all your advices
Hello all, I would like to by this leather bike jacket but I am torn between the XS and S. The XS feels quite snug (in a good way) on the shoulders and I can barely close it. I really need to contract my belly very hard to be able to zip it. I love the slim look when the XS jacket is open. I have the feeling that this size could only be worn unzip with a tee of a shirt. XS : On the other hand the S feels perfect on the shoulder and I can close it more easily even if...
Thank you.Calabrese 1924 is a small italian manufacture specialised in crafting men accesories mainly ties and pocket square. But they also carry a small line of bags.Everything is made by hand with a lot of love in Naples. I got 30% on the bag during the BF meaining I paid 413€ ($470). At the original price it was already a good deal but after the discount it was a steal. The bag is 100% leather including the lining. The construction is top notch and the leather really...
Really? I guess you are at the bottom of their list since we all received it 2 weeks earlier.
I am so tempted to order one... but I can't figure out if I should go for the 46 or the 48 I am 5,84 feet (178cm) for 160lbs (73kg), 38,2 inches chest (97cm).Any advice on how to well spend $200 would be welcome
nice one. What brand?
I bought this one during the black friday, I can't be happier :
Damn! There is the Bottega Veneta cardholder that has been sold in front of my eyes on the european MrPorter ! It was available and it went sold out few second before I had the chance to pay.Do you know if the international version of MrPorter will also get new sale arrival?
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