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Common Projects Achilles Low Off-White Size 11US/10UK/44EU Selling these as I don't wear them much anymore. Leather is fantastic as with any Common Projects shoes. As you can see in the pics it's a bit creased from use, however no blemishes or scuffs are present. Sole is very slightly worn in the back from the usual heel drag. Achilles fit 1 size large as I'm usually a size 12US/45EU. Includes original box, dustbags, and extra pair of unused laces. Asking $275, shipping...
I ended up purchasing the 215s shortly after making my post, in the same colorway shown. Gorgeous glasses in person, and I get compliments on them all the time. Before stumbling upon these I tried a bunch of other round keyhole bridged glasses, but the thickness of the frames never really seemed proportional to the size; these however strike the perfect proportion and go very well with my face (oval shaped for anyone wondering). If you're in the DC area Georgetown...
Because of the polish on the outer park of the bezel I was expecting the top part to be an insert, but turns out it's all one piece.
For some reason I can't submit a pic, but I did find this online, my watch has the same dome.
I saw Halios mentioned in this thread earlier, to anyone interested in their watches I'd highly recommend them! I just got a used Halios Tropik SS and its fantastic. It really scratches my Rolex Explorer II itch.
I'm most partial to the OPs you have as well as the Ditas. However I'm a bit biased as I tend to prefer slightly thinner frames (hence the OPs being the first choice). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Have you looked at any Salt or Barton Perreira frames? They've got quite a few frames in that shape that may suit you, and quality is excellent. I've got a pair of Salt Freddy's that look a bit like your current OPs. If you're looking to try frames on Black Optical has free shipping both ways and stocks the two brands I mentioned plus Garrett Leight. I tried on a pair before purchasing my current Lunors and the quality was excellent.
Looks like they're about to plug into the matrix.
I finished reading through this whole thread this week, loving some of the suggestions here! I have yet to see any mention of Bevel in the thread though, any opinions on the brand? I tried on a gorgeous pair of Bevel Aviators in a boutique near DC, but am curious whether they're worth the $500 price tag. And a second question, are there any glasses similar to Oliver Peoples O'Malleys or Garrett Leight Kinneys that are slightly more affordable? I'm mostly interested in...
Do CP Chelsea boots fit similar to Achilles low? I wear 44 in Achilles, I'm wondering what my size would be in Chelsea boots.
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