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I ordered a custom PVD Seiko Pro Hunter roughly two and a half months ago and it finally arrived a few days ago. Unfortunately photos don't do it justice, it's simply stunning in person. I've also got two PVD NATO straps on their way, as the green one it came with is fairly lousy.
Are there any eyeglasses with a similar style and translucent pattern to these SALT Yates, but at a more affordable price point?
Check out this thread, you'll find all the info about the watch here as well as a ton of discussion.http://forums.watchuseek.com/f71/zelos-helmsman-official-launch-giveaway-992247.html
Two packages came in for me the past few days. First is an Invicta 8926 Sub, which I modded with a green bezel. I'm in love with the LV look. I also purchased a 22mm Stowa strap for my Tisell Flieger. Awesome pairing in my opinion.
This is a bait-and-switch site, don't trust it at all. I attempted to contact airwatches, asking whether the model was actually available and never received a reply. There was also a german website that had the watch in stock as well, however when contacted they also did not reply.dan138zig: How about the Citizen Nighthawk? It's similar to the second watch you have listed, and it looks amazing in person.
I've actually tried finding that exact Skagen for quite a while now. Unfortunately it's discontinued, and the only people I've seen who possess it are either unable to be reached or have sold it off.The only alternative I've found is the Stuhrling Ascot Agent (also comes in black), however it's fairly thick and doesn't look nearly as good as the Skagen.
It's a modded Seiko SKX007. From what I can tell the case has been PVD coated, the bezel swapped and the bracelet replaced with an olive NATO strap.
I need this in my life
Seagull makes a pretty similar homage for $580. It can be found here: http://www.good-stuffs.com/New-Sea-Gull-M199S-chronograph-with-moonphase-ST1908_p_163.html
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