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Do CP Chelsea boots fit similar to Achilles low? I wear 44 in Achilles, I'm wondering what my size would be in Chelsea boots.
How is Lunor's reputation? I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of A5 215s; they look gorgeous in person, but I'm wondering what SF thinks about them.
I was at a local eyewear boutique and found some absolutely gorgeous Bevel sunglasses, pictured below. The model is called Sidecar. They are unfortunately $500, although I may end up folding and buying a pair in a few months. Does anyone know of a comparable less expensive alternative?
First I'm selling a brand new in box pair of Vincent Kaes Como eyeglasses. These are made in Italy. I purchased these not realizing they didn't fit my face as well as I would've hoped. Completely new, worn once just to try them on. Color in the pics is representative of the true color. Measurements are 46-22-145. I am asking $275 shipped OBO for these. I accept Paypal and would rather ship only CONUS. If you are outside CONUS and are interested I may ask that you cover...
I'm selling my slightly used pair of Margiela GATs. Size 12, worn only a handful of times. The nubuck is incredibly soft and looks fantastic. Aftermarket insoles, and very minimal wear on the bottoms of the sole. Box and bag included in the purchase. Shipping included for anyone CONUS. I ask that anyone outside the area pay for shipping. Asking $260.
As has Halios. Discontinued, but it pops up on watchuseek classifieds a lot.
Just ordered myself a SARX013. Stunning in pics, I'm guessing it'll be even more beautiful in person. I've been wanting a nice white-faced slightly dressy watch for a while now.
I'm looking to buy some CP Achilles Low and was able to try on CP Tournament Highs this weekend. I'm usually a size 12, tried on an 11 in Tournament Highs and they felt slightly narrow on my feet. From what I've heard I should be sizing down one size when buying CPs, however I'm curious, is CP high sizing similar to lows? Will the sides stretch at all? I'm torn whether I should get an 11 or 12 in lows.
Can anyone recommend me some sneakers comparable in styling to these ETQ runners? Looks like these have been sold out for a while.
Most Skagens have an integrated bracelet that's held in place by two screws on either side. The one you've linked to is no exception. Usually you can't swap an integrated bracelet with an off the rack leather strap. In this case however, perhaps you could buy a leather NATO strap and cut it into two pieces and replace the mesh bracelet with the two pieces by securing the strap with the screws on both sides.
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