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OWA and Boookers are my go to bourbons, the former neat and the latter in a Manhattan. Always available, never too expensive.
Started off with a FRSB, then an OGD 114 manhattan, followed by a Booker's manhattan, then topped it all off with a bit of Uigeadail.
Which one? I just stocked up on a half dozen pumpkin ales to try.
I've been watching it and was hoping that someone was going to be me!
Midnight blue Brioni cummerbund at very low starting bid: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-BRIONI-Italy-Woven-Navy-Pleated-100-Silk-Cummerbund-NWT-595-/151406548168?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item23408894c8
Seriously - I would pay for a proxy too for a 42R.
That's really impressive. I now feel a little less bad about never finding anything since I'm looking mostly in and around major cities.
Just called - prices are back up. Too slow, damn!
NYI how are you so good at this? Are you constantly hunting around sketchy neighborhood liquor stores for dusties? I generally stop by liquor stores in new places I'm visiting but have never found anything worth writing home about except occasionally cask strength private barrels of stuff like FRSiB, which aren't particularly rare anyway (but are delicious!)
Those are mine. I hesitated to mark them as NWOT because I actually cannot remember if I ever wore them. If I did, is was no more than a few times.They are awesome and I only sent them to LS after a long conversation with the girlfriend about why it wasn't acceptable that I own over twice as many pairs of shoes as she does. The struggle is real.
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