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This sounds good. How much do you put in? And how long do you leave it all in? I might try doing this.
Borrelli suede cap toe oxfords in 7.5 US from the same seller for $68 BIN
Is that actually the Attolini guy? I thought he looked similar but didn't occur to me it was actually the same person.And yes - J. Press stores are great and I used to go to the one on Madison Ave. a lot. They don't have very many of them though - just Cambridge, NYC (although the main one closed and I think moved down to the West Village?), DC, New Haven, and that might actually be it. Definitely worth a visit.
Can't quite figure out what's going on with this Chipp jacket, but appears to be double breasted but have had all of the buttons removed? Anyway cool lining.
Awesome looking suit!
Chipp safari-ish jacket 42 Borrelli checked camelhair sport coat 42 (bad photography so a bit of a gamble on the exact color) UPenn Ben Silver blazer buttons
Where are those jackets / suits from?
Pretty awesome Chipp sport coat with martini flags
Loro Piana Cashmere Double Breast Overcoat Top (sort of polo-ish) Coat size 42 - $500 starting bid I want this thing so badly...
Where is this? Nice looking place.
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