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Loro Piana Cashmere Double Breast Overcoat Top (sort of polo-ish) Coat size 42 - $500 starting bid I want this thing so badly...
Where is this? Nice looking place.
Berk Burlington Arcade velvet formal slippers 11.5 - $99 OBO
I have two Oxxford sport coats from eBay that I love - one navy hopsack and one cashmere bespoke (for someone else). Oxxford must be some of the best (if not the best) value for money on eBay, since the jackets tend to be fairly traditionally cut (i.e. not trendy) and, as VRaivio mentioned, they're not that well known outside of the US. Or, frankly, within the general American young urban professional population - no one I've talked to my age has ever heard of them.
40R Canali Kei jacket - $299 OBO 40R Sartorio peak lapel navy blazer - $149 starting bid
This was just posted on the latest PTO eBay roundup (so not exactly a hidden gem) but Sulka 100% cashmere navy overcoat 44 R/L for $365 BIN and accepts offers: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231838241127?rmvSB=true
For those who can't afford the Invertere bearcat coats that pop up every once in a while, a SB alpaca coat with a low starting bid: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-LLAMA-HAIR-FUR-coat-alpaca-vicuna-teddy-mohair-lama-camel-wool-jacket-L-XL-/391369539356
Not a polo coat, but a DB cashmere camel-colored Oxxford Imperial Cashmere overcoat in 42T. I feel like this listing has been up for a while and the seller keeps dropping the price, so who knows what you could get it for on best offer: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oxxford-Bespoke-IMPERIAL-CASHMERE-overcoat-polo-coat-brown-tuape-42-T-L-vicuna-/111864107221 Note that although the listing title says vicuna but it's actually cashmere. I messaged the seller and he said it was...
Bespoke Oxxoford camel polo coat (~44) I just bought an polo coat a month ago otherwise I would be all over that.
Aw man you got me all excited with the "big feet" line. I need size 47!
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