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I like it a bit shadier! (bad light doesn't help here) Crappy pic from this morning too.
Weird, the shade is really not accurate between my Eaton and my Saphyr medium brow...Anyways, the good thing about the Medaille d'Or cream is that it's easy to have a light transparent blend so you can basically work with any colors you like to make the patina or the base!
Ducky, medium brown wont do the trick! the base of the Eaton is light brown and the "shadow", the patina is dark brown. I use the medium brown for my "coffee brown" Stow.
Indeed, I was quite surprised myself as I originally ordered the light brown for my Eaton (same model you own).
Cream Shoe Polish Pommadier SAPHIR MEDAILLE d'ORhttp://www.valmour.com/catalogue/index.php?action=consulter&rewrite=1&support=&id=520&id_cdt=1069&start=0&id_couleur=5The light brown (marron clair) is a perfect match for Tricker's acorn leathers!
I couldn't agree more!Beautiful piece!
Hello Apple. C&J are way more expensive in Paris than they are in London... Or any UK on-line shop... sadly!
Stunning premium quality pictures Phorm, thank you for sharing!
Perfect taste Zippyh!
As for me, I'm a US 7 - E/M Red Wing (877, 8125, 2983, 214 the 214 has a larger last though), Alden ("Indy"), Thorogood and Chippewa and a perfect 6.5 - 5 in the 4497 last (8 Tricker's) The Tricker's in 4444 last - ft 5 I have is a bit too large for me and has to be worn with super thick socks (same as my Grenson 6.5 - G Fred) which is fine in winter... The RW 877, 8125 & family in sz 7 - ft E/M and the Tricker's 4497 - ft 5 in sz 6.5 are an absolute perfect fit for my...
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