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Totally agree but... I wouldn't dare, I'll stay with my dark blue cordovan Stow! (crappy pic, sorry)
Almost all the cordovan boots and shoes went in a snap yesterday including those Stow: http://cgi.ebay.fr/Trickers-size-10-Iris-cordovan-Stow-country-brogue-boot-on-a-double-leather-sole-/160802796626?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item257097f452
Great picture of a wondeful model Davichan!
The add said4497 last (the ideal last for my feet) in Burnished Expresso .This color do look like the darkest cordovan used by Tricker's like in the Herman boots:
I really think that the Burnished expresso is along with the Acorn antique one of the nicest colors proposed by Tricker's!
As promised, the new Tricker's boots I received yesterday!
There is still a very nice linen vest at a ridiculous price (sz 50, too small for me) => http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/NIGEL+CABOURN/dept/men/tskay/2FA4E164/rr/1/cod10/49121537JP/sts/sr_men80
around 300 € / $ 390
Makes me hope and wish I could, one day, find the orange/green and blue/gray windowpane vests in 52 or 54 at that price to go with my jackets!
It's almost a shame I already have mine as the price is amazing!
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