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Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Nice deal if you're states side. Shipping & customs makes it a bit pricey this side of the pond sadly. indeed... and again with the lack of 6.5 boots!
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Some Tricker's on sale here. http://www.peggsandson.com/brands/tricker-s Very good prices, thanks zippyh! too bad they don't have any of the boots in 6.5!
Gents, As promised last weed, my very own transformed (-8cm of total length and on the sleeves) Cameraman Jacket, it's very hot in Paris today but I tried the Tweed on Tweed anyway... Sweaty but smoking hot, a bit too hot to wear a winter long sleeved shirt and Tweed tie though! Harris Tweed on Donegal Tweed... Perfect! and I am glad with the result, I'm really hoping for a return of fowl and icy weather for a few weeks just to let me enjoy it right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart yea totally lucky. i can do either 7 or 7.5UK so gives me a couple more options Really? I never had the guts to try this option as 6.5 in 5 fits me perfectly!
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart 2 boots on their way.... Rippon burgundy boot w/commando sole Monkey boot in orange shell cordovan will post pics of course.... So, you're a lucky 7.5! Big congrats man! Too bad the Monkey in Cordovan weren't available in 6.5!
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Mixing waxes or alternating waxes during polishing is fine, the shoes get subtle highlights when they age. Corthay made some wax mixes for me to go with my custom patinas, other patina specialists can do the same. I you make an homogenized mix and store it in a container it could be OK but if you try to find the same color every time you service your shoes I'd rather buy the right color (or close) right...
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny Amiga Actually, I wouldn't maybe recommend valmour's website if you're ordering just one item, if I remember correctly the shipping costs are pretty harsh. Having said that, they do have great customer service and I've gotten stuff from them in group orders. I agree, even being French and being delivered in France I wouldn't buy one product at the time at Valmour and try to group items and orders with...
Just figured that Valmour's site (they are very fast and very professional) is also in English and in German! So no problem for ordering Saphir products on-line: http://www.valmour.com/cleaning-leat...shoe-polish-71
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix The green is about 2 shades lighter than i had wanted, but i thought i could find a darker wax polish. Any suggestions? i thought of combining waxes or just using a brown and/or gray wax on it, not sure if that would work. Nice! If I may, do not mix waxes! Never! Not only they won't mix as well and easily as paint but most of all you'll bee enable to find the same shade later. You can find very dark...
Quote: Originally Posted by Renton how much does a pair of mto trickers usually run? https://www.shoehealer.co.uk/Tricker..._Made_Options/ around £350 => £500 for cordovan boots.
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