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Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster MSAINT: Your sophisticated taste level is second only to your laudable use of smiley gifs. Couldn't agree more, bro! (I'm buying a tweed vest to upgrade the level ) thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by bl@ster Nezero: Orvis also has these Aldens. Similar to the Indy but plain toe. They're on sale right now too, 100 bucks off: http://www.orvis.com/store/product.a...subcat_id=6681 Darned!!!!!!! No size 7!!!!!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain commando is probably toughest of all I totally agree!
Quote: Originally Posted by aether in this little picture the boot looks really sleek/slim and good looking. But on the Shoehearler's website it looks a lot more stubby and chunky. So which is it? you can click the pic if it's too small, this image was made on Photoshop to show Richard what I wanted (Scotch grain leather, Dainite sole, ski loops and color) so for the real thing it's all about the pics on Shoehealer site!
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent Lovely! Thanks! I should have asked a real cap toe that's my only "regret"
Quote: Originally Posted by david3558 Quick question guys, if I am a 9D, would a 8 in UK sizing be suitable in Bourtons? David, it really depends on the model, I'm a 7E in Alden Indy / Red Wing 877 Irish Setters and a 6.5 fitting 6 in both my Tricker's Stow and on my MTO Grasmere. Note that the fitting on the Grasmere is a bit larger than on the Stow! Clickable pics of my first Stow in Expresso brown from the day they arrived home, 2...
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 ^^^ I believe those are Trickers. I think so too!
Quote: Originally Posted by auggie Picked these up last weekend in Amsterdam. Stunning beauties Auggie , Bespoke Grenson Glenn for Tenue de Nîmes I guess... http://www.grenson.co.uk/shop/glenn-892
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor Would you say they run similarly wide? Width is my real concern as there is no 14E - only D or EE. If they run 1/4 size wide, then I'll probably fit the 14D which is currently available at a good price. Mine are 7D while my Red Wing/Thorogood and Alden are 7E looks like there is no real standard... Sorry I can't be more precise!
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor How big? And compared to what? About 1/4 size bigger that my pair of Red Wing 877 or my pair of Grenson Fred but wearing hunting socks and narrowing the side strap make them perfectly comfy, sticked to my feet and avoid the "loose heel" effect.
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