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4444 last is wider than the 4497
Not that I know but if he does I'm in (Grey, 4497, Dainite)
Hi Richard, the winter light is really crappy (as are my talents in shoe photography) so that explains why it tricked you. The color is Moccasin brown.Nice to see that you're around quite often here.My bests from Paris where I make my best to convert the French pagans we are to come to you for a good pair of Northampton boots!Marcos
As Zippyh stated, Stow are typically on a 4497 last except for the black calf one on the far right which is on a 4444 (a bit roomy for me but perfect with extra thick wool socks)Colors are, left to right:Navy cordovanAcorn calf (Shoehealer)Moccasin brown calfCoffee calf (purchased at Shoehealer, best place to buy Tricker's with the nicest people to help you with)Espresso calf (Shoehealer)Black calfI don't agree I think they are complementary!How's your Ticker's collection...
Those are amongst the nicest "austere" Stow I've ever seen!Can't get enough of Stow
I'd be inn with those grey Eaton on dainite and on a 4497 last!
Hi pq8504! My Rippon are UK6.5 and I wear Alden/Chippewa/Thorogood in US7 so they should be perfect for you too. The color? Well... they came in a very reddish burgundy (not pictured) and I changed the color with black cream and with mahogany cream patina the result is a brownish oxblood now.
Quote: Originally Posted by MSAINT in 38 (but since chest was advised at 21" I took a chance) & in 52 (chest size 22.5") no fear of getting it too small there! Well... Cook Jacket in 48 is way too small except for the shoulders (perfect fit) and the giant sleeves, so back to Superdenim. Mallory in 52 is a tad long but my tailor will work on that! (Perfect fit on the shoulders and chest this time though). I think I'll try to get a sz50 in...
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter So my Burma shirt came in...and I was weary about the sizing. I got the 54, and I am generally a 52. What do you think of the fit? To me, it doesn't look too bad...it just feels a bit roomy, especially in the arms. Anyway, there is always soak > shrinking... Seems perfect to me, very nice jacket indeed!
drmrhiggins, amazing combo, stunning rugged option, just perfect. Thanks for the nice pics!
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