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To my knowledge the Harris Tweed (and the Linen) are all UK made.
The jersey Mallory are made in Japan.
I wish they existed in size US7 (and they were cheaper)
available at Corniche but in 48 at it's smallest => http://www.corniche.org.uk/display1.php
^^ Great price, I got the vest and the Mallory jacket in this RAF herringbone Harris Tweed blue, it's outstanding! I also have both garments in blue/gray windowpane ant they're as good => http://www.yoox.com/us/49125146UR/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=49125146UR&sizeId=4 also size 40 and also a good price at $125
I'm desperate it's not a 52! also, I'm like Zissou more of a NC-in-winter guy... But who know, I find the black army overcoat and the army green linen Mallory very appealing
yep, I just got instantly outbided on the Harris Tweed peak Lapel in 52
The creasing often depends on your feet and how you "wear" the boot, that being said my latest pair of Stow (Lolipop turned to oxblood) crease like crazy for no reason, it must be the leather used for this particular batch/pair.Leather being a "living" material it can explain the differences even between two shoes. Nonetheless all my Tricker's boots crease the same way due to my feet form and the way I walk.Totally agree with all the above!
Don't worry Starclub, my eldest pair of Tricker's is a pair of Expresso Stow, it's 6 years old and they look just fine! You just need to take good care of them: use shoe trees every time, let them rest 48h after you wore them, use nourishing cream for the leather and voila! (second from the right)
Nice story! Big congrats and I hope you'll pots some picture of the garment!
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