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Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk what the above shoes should look like ^ Couldn't agree more!
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou You have quite the collection of little avatars, MSAINT Thanks Zissou you can have as many here => http://forum.hardware.fr/wikismilies.php?config=hfr.inc it's in French () but easy to use and some English keywords (like: wink, Clooney, FUU...) can be used on the WikiSmilies keyword search! Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I already received a shipment notification, and it should be...
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou One thing I've realized is that something, even Cabourn, is not worth buying unless it's something I really like, no matter what the sale price is So wise and right it should be carved in stone and in every topic's foreword!
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggen Got myself a Cameraman. They lowered the price from 395->365 and then eventually to 320 plus I found that you got an extra 10% off with extra10 so ended up costing me £298 with shipping included Damned, I wish I had this 10% code a few hours ago when I ordered my cameraman!
I concur with zissou, the NC pants are true to size and vintage fit (40-50's roomy fit) Quote: Originally Posted by zissou In the future, you should get on the Superdenim mailing list or friend them on Facebook. They usually put out previews of sales, and sometimes you can pick something up a little early if you are looking for something specific Just did add my name on the mailing list, hopefully I'll get even luckier next time (I...
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Nigel Cabourn Sample sale going on over at Superdenim.co.uk. Prices are quite good, with some pretty rare pieces. It's going fast! Great choice Zissou, you were quite lucky... Everything interesting or at my size is sold out at Superdenim! except... THIS STUNNING BEAUTY: @£365 The Cameraman Jacket in Olive Mac Coat Macintosh and Harris tweed combination! Need another winter season to test it when...
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Marron Stows on Dainite from Tricker's ebay shop. Man, double congrats!
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Thumbs up to Herring. Ordered in the late afternoon pacific time last Thursday. Shipped out of the UK Friday and arrived here today. Ended up being 243GBP (free shipping, plus look for a 10% Herring coupon on their twitter). Congrats Zippyh, those Froswick are really beautiful! I really dig those longwing I wish I could find a pair in black. Thanks for the feed back and the nice pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Eatons in this color are my new favorite Trickers. The fit seems a little odd, a different last than stows? That's weird, I have two pairs of Stow, one Malton and pair of Eaton and I don't feel/see the difference in fittings, they're all perfect for my feet!
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Really like the color although I'd expect coffee to be a darker color. It is, zippyh, it is. The colour on the pic is du to the sunrise this morning, reddish light... Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh MSAINT, I saw those Eatons on ebay and was cursing the tiny size (I wear a 9.5UK). and regarding my tiny feet...
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