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As promised, some clickable pictures of my new Golden Tan Stow on Commando soles. The All Brown Stows A comparison between the Golden Tan and my Oxblood Stow (transformed Lolipop Red) My Oxblood Tricker's boots And as was about to wear them today... A glimpse of how my Eaton evolve
Excellent! Ventile is great anyways, might get a bit scrunched after some years of wearing but it's part of the jacket's charm!
Total historical nonsense! Kevlar was commercialized in the 70'sedit: wiki is so easy to find, I wonder what happened... => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevlar
It's almost cheaper to go MTO with Richard at Shoehealer! (Best service ever)
Hello Zippyh! The pricing is nuts! Even more expense than in Japanese shops! (Good thing I don't like Monkey boots anyways because for a monomaniac as I am, the profusion of "exotic" Monkey boots is insane!)
Nope, not yet, I've just received the parcel from Northampton at my desk this morning, I'll try to take one or two this week end, no promises though...I figure they'll look fine along my other brownish Stows (Arcorn, Moccasin Brown, C Shade & Expresso)
Small feet curse too?Yep, I'm very happy, it's been a long time since reTricker had any great 6 1/2 - 5 - 4497s boots, and they're my first pair on Commando soles (yet I still remember my last drooling: the damaged Marmalade Cordovan Stow but the flaw was too obvious and important for me).
I wish they had them in 6 1/2, but well, today is a good Tricker's day... I'm wearing my Acorn Stow on Dainite and just received at my office my new Golden Tan Stow on Commando!
Great deal indeed Zippyh!
I love that combo!
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