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Olive green Conies! I would so much like that to happen!The blue Coniston where pat of the regular collection a few years ago.Love mine
Stow of the day
No half sizes nor small sizes(
I had the blue Coniston in mind... or even better, a Horween Forest Green leather
Dreaming of a Lindrik in blue or olive grained (scotch) calf!
Hey! Hallo! Yes, perfect fitting, great comfort! Thanks a lot my friend!I'm trying to be reasonable and limit myself for a while (I already have 49 pairs of leather boots! )
So... Still not summer in Paris... C&J Snowon today!
Tricker's of the day... Oxblood Allan
NOS C&J Snowdon, I think they stayed quite some time on a shelf or on stock but nothing a good titivate with Saphir products couldn't undo.
Good to know Olderfellow, thanks a lot! When available in all sizes, I'll be ordering the same size as my Stow then! (hopefully the Selkirk will also be available )
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