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Blurry Tricker's Stow of the day: Cipresso cordovan
Stow of the day!
Reading @meso makes me think the problem is more that of the lasts Tricker's use than the sizing, remember that every boot-maker has it's own set of lasts and sometime they don't fit your feet. For instance, all Tricker's fit my particular feet (but I have to change size regarding the last) but none of the Edward Green feel good when I try them, changing the fitting and the size don't resolve that "problem" , it's just a question on anatomy versus shape of the last.
Still Photoshop...Just changed the background!
Been wearing some Tricker's Allan today
Well done, I hope you remembered to size down 1/2 size with the 4444 last!
Too bad it's just a crappy Photoshop job I made!
Tricker's Parade cordovan Total mystery as to the how a freakin' snail ended on my artificial lawn!
I also contacted Richard about the Selkirk a few months ago, he told me the veldtschoen AS he had where some kind of MTO/group order... No luck with my size, Richard being the nicest man we know, I think he was even more bothered than I was about that! Hopefully Olderfellow's news are accurate and will be implemented soon.
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