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So, I'm up for an atelier/workshop cession... ... A deep transformation (well deep green at least ) 1 - Thorough cleaning with Reno'Mat 2 - Deep cleaning with the Decapant Saphir 3 - Deep cleaning with acetone 4 - Saphir dye (Teinture Fran├žaise): 3 layers 5 - Surfine vert chasse (Saphir cream), 3 layers to unify the color and also to nourish the leather that has been traumatized and dried by the acetone and the dye 6 - Creme Universelle Saphir, 2 layers,same...
It all started with my new pair of Tricker's Froswick Longwing on serious sale at Herring, the last pair on the shop is at my size , it's a sign!!!! Got them in 2 days, ordered on Sunday, they landed on Tuesday! Some of you among the most acute observers will certainty tell me, dude, don't you already have a pair like that? Errr, well, not quite exactly the same pair, I have a pair or Tricker's Galosh on double leather soles, brown dressed edges, with...
yup, got one
Tricker's of the day... Invisible Buford! Concrete camo!
Good quality, doesn't break when you work on it, good dye resistance and homogeneous appearance. It's hard to find something as good as Horween... They tried with Comipel but it seem that's not good enough for their standard and I agree when I compare my Alden cordovan boots with the Tricker's cordovan boots.
Tricker's is looking for a new reliable and qualitative source of cordovan for what I've heard.
Stow of the day
Errr well, not even sure I could make a positive distinction as leathers are not always perfectly dyed and dyes mixes not always similar (it's part of the charm)
Looks like it... but that's how it's displayed on the official Tricker's site
Three "obvious" shades of orange cordovan at Tricker's... Cotto Mogano Orange
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