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The sun is back... Tricker's Stow Expresso Scotch grain boots .
Tricker's Stow Scotch grain Expresso boots
7 confirmed, 3 pending, 2 slots opened, come one guys!Amazeballs pictures of the previous batch made successfully here!
C&J X Uppershoes Islay
The makeup is the one on the picture you quoted pics from the first batch), all details are on m0m0ne's Google sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bZ6_ctp_ElaAqFORjMMnwLZw_BRkxZV59z6rk5SvZhk/edit#gid=1284680499The MTO is made through C&J in Northampton.
Tricker's Froswick or how to match pants and soles!
BTW, if some of you are seriously interested and are not on the list yet, please fill your slot, you'll probably get in if those playing dead and blocking the process don't fulfill their commitment. Amazeballs pictures of the previous batch made successfully here!
To all interested in the Snowdown MTO please fill m0m0ne's online form we are theoretically 12 and good to go but 5 members don't answer m0m0ne's "calls" and are blocking the whole process.The sheet form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bZ6_ctp_ElaAqFORjMMnwLZw_BRkxZV59z6rk5SvZhk/edit#gid=1284680499
No surprise today...Tricker's X END Cap toe (Parade) Navy Blue
yep! Best choice to do that is in my opinion going through Richard from Shoe Healer aka Tricker's Expert!!
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