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It ain't what it says on the tube in the picture though, it's cream for recoloring leathers.
That's a cream, for the uppers that is, not the sole, of course it will taint the sole edge but it's not a sealed wax.Go Fiebing's if your cobbler can't help you with some other brand/product and you need to order online or not keen on taking m0m0ne's offer.
Maybe check with your cobbler... Or Richard if you're in the UK The sole wax also exists on a stick form (Transparent, brown and black)@EnglishShoes @Olderfellow I found this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Fiebings-Black-Edge-Kote-Oz/dp/B004303LMCFiebing's products are US Made => http://shop.fiebing.com/c/leathercraft_edge-finishes?pp=25 A wild guess is that's exactly the same type of product I use, only on a smaller containerAlso found Edge Bright =>...
Well I buy the wax it from a shop for professionals in brick and mortar in Paris (they don't sell online and the truth is that m0m0ne gives it to me when needed), the link I posted was for illustration purpose, as was the picture.You should mail or call Richard at Shoehealer to see if he can point you to the equivalent product available in the UK and maybe even to a online store that sells this edge sole "cold" wax.
Sweet price too!
Richard and Ann are the best persons to deal with indeed! And if you don't find the color you're looking for there's still the cotton waxed I sourced from the Bay, so cheap and nice that I buy them in bulk! => http://www.ebay.fr/itm/151447041924 Also, for boots like the Stow hight I prefer 100 cm shoelaces to avoid the "rabbit ears" syndrome , but with 9 wholes like in the Parade, the 110/120 cm provided by Tricker's are just fine! (and more durable as they are heavy...
First day out with the Tricker's Golosh after retrieving them from the cobbler (steel toe taps & Top Sem sole) The 4444 is really a generous last, I've sized 1/2 size down from my usual 6.5 in 4497S and still, the heels are quite roomy, winter socks will no doubt make this feeling disappear.
The Parade are really great and sexy boots!
Tricker's of the day... Parade for END
Thank God, not in France (yet), I didn't know that the Rolex box&papers nonsense was starting to apply in the second hand market for shoes as well
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