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1) They come with the boots, classic brown shoelaces from Triker's 2) I apply sole edge wax, it's a liquid wax applied cold you can rub when dry if needed (déforme in French => http://tictac-cordonnier.blogspot.fr/2009/10/la-deforme-traditionnelle-du-cordonnier.html (sorry it's also in French (as am I) but pics are quite sufficient to see the different products available). I use that to seal (and shine) the sole and the sewing in the sole edge. It's available in brown,...
They are on the 4497S last, same as your StowThose are awesome and beautiful boots, here are mine:
Do not worry about dark colors as Saphir Cream (I never use polish) are quite transparent, it's like painting with oils, only by superposition you get opacity! If you don't like your first try, you can use the Renovateur to "clean" it. And yes, I chose to follow and underline the stitchings as it's really easier to get a nice result like that, I also darkened the upper ankles, the cap and the counter.
The red is back (and with more shades with black cream):
Quite easy indeed, I already detailed the whole operation previously... I used Saphir Creams after patiently cleaning the boots (brushing and brushing more mostly, and with Saphir renovateur if necessary). First, on a dry shoe,I darken using a small paintbrush with pure black cream the areas I want to be the darkest, then after a while (almost dry) I brush the boot. Again, patience, then apply mahogany all over the boot, let it dry out, brush it and voila! Repeat...
Same goes for me... But of course no size 6.5
Hi ykim888! Quality leather shoes don't stretch a lot, a few millimeters only, they will stretch the most when worn as warm leather expands as wells as your feet but, don't hope for a half size (or less) gain with Tricker's.
4497 - fit.5 - in 6.5... Just perfect!
'cause it's the best last ever! tu n'avais qu'a avoir des pieds fins, mon cher... mouahaha!
Salve Marno, of course everything has to be (or should be) a balance between earnings and spendings nad trying to be reasonable. Just know that your Tricker's can last your whole life if you take care of them properly, it's always better that spending less on "fashion brands" shoes poorly made in whatever sweatshop and that will last you 1 year at most. There are no Obenauf's distributors in France either but I bought their products on-line from their website (Special...
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