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Kudos CB! Never understood how those beauties could stand unsold for a whole month!
BEFORE March 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@EnglishShoesI got mine through m0m0ne (who is like a kind of Batman as he is a an engineer by day AND and a boot-maker by night) and he uses both brands as they are exactly the same thing (brand / of-brand I guess).The link I posted was for illustration purpose as this shop sells to professionals (and to non-pro customers but only in their brick and mortar shop). You might be able to order by calling them (if you speak French) and trying a bogus UK commerce registry...
I live in Paris, I leave the poor Jim's remains to the douches and hordes of tourists who want a stupid selfie in front of a plain tomb and graffiti the hell around it.I was just taking a shortcut through the Père Lachaise, it's a really nice walk.The shoelaces are from China, 110 cm are better suited to the Tricker's 7 to 9 eyelets boots in my opinion =>
Totally "marron clair" that's what I use and it's spot on perfect!
Tricker's X ShoeHealer in cypresso cordovan today, on the nicest pavement in Paris. [[SPOILER]]
What answer? It looks like Kochegar is trying to learn the unfathomable concept of walking, the non standardization of the human feet and deeply intellectualizing it.
Nope! That's dye for plain leathers used to dye the uppers, the sole edges have received a special wax in the factory, m0m0ne and I have discussed that a few month ago here.This wax is applied to seal the leather from the elements and you can't dye on it... Except with the Tricker's natural welt as they seem to polish the edges of the soles after applying the wax removing most of it in the process.There are usually two kind of products regarding the edge wax (called...
The red sole is in my opinion the best color option as a sole (apart from the usual black and brown)
I jumped on those when END put those beauties on sale last year! But I find them more attractive with the reddish soles (their following collection)
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