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Almost hand delivered!
@Nikola Yup! Got them instead!
I thought it would rain today Crockett & Jones Snowdon on veldtschoen built...
AMAGAD AMAGAD AMAGAD! New Tricker's Brett (sames as parade seemingly) cordovan in 4497S by Tricker's in limited edition, no more 6.5 already! The Iris and Oceano are amazing ... I want a pair in Oceano (or in Iris)!
Thank you kind sir
It's the autumn's Spirit captured on a pair of Stow! I'm wearing my green Stows today!
About trunk show, I know that Upper Shoes Paris have some from time to time.I'm pretty sure there are quite a bunch of Parisians that would be more than happy to take you out for a beer (or many more, we can go Private Mail to talk about it) and talk " finest British shoes" while trying some Tricker's and not just my friend m0m0ne (who is a real shoemaker) and I (even if you and me are in contact since almost a decade).
Those beauties: They also have them in chestnut brown but I already got them from last year:
@zippyh They're great... Have you seen the new END's captoe?
When are you coming to Paris Richard? There are no Tricker's retailers here!
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