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Do not worry about dark colors as Saphir Cream (I never use polish) are quite transparent, it's like painting with oils, only by superposition you get opacity! If you don't like your first try, you can use the Renovateur to "clean" it. And yes, I chose to follow and underline the stitchings as it's really easier to get a nice result like that, I also darkened the upper ankles, the cap and the counter.
The red is back (and with more shades with black cream):
Quite easy indeed, I already detailed the whole operation previously... I used Saphir Creams after patiently cleaning the boots (brushing and brushing more mostly, and with Saphir renovateur if necessary). First, on a dry shoe,I darken using a small paintbrush with pure black cream the areas I want to be the darkest, then after a while (almost dry) I brush the boot. Again, patience, then apply mahogany all over the boot, let it dry out, brush it and voila! Repeat...
Same goes for me... But of course no size 6.5
Hi ykim888! Quality leather shoes don't stretch a lot, a few millimeters only, they will stretch the most when worn as warm leather expands as wells as your feet but, don't hope for a half size (or less) gain with Tricker's.
4497 - fit.5 - in 6.5... Just perfect!
'cause it's the best last ever! tu n'avais qu'a avoir des pieds fins, mon cher... mouahaha!
Salve Marno, of course everything has to be (or should be) a balance between earnings and spendings nad trying to be reasonable. Just know that your Tricker's can last your whole life if you take care of them properly, it's always better that spending less on "fashion brands" shoes poorly made in whatever sweatshop and that will last you 1 year at most. There are no Obenauf's distributors in France either but I bought their products on-line from their website (Special...
I wear all my boots (12 pairs of Tricker's boots, 12 pairs of Red Wing boots + some Alden and Heschung boots as well) on every occasions and every seasons (I walk to my office, use my Vespa or subway the rest of the time) except on my construction sites where I wear Thorogood safety shoes (still US made and GY welted Vibram soles and steel toe).Good shoes (well built) can't fear rain, snow, mud or sun ans long as they're well maintained (Saphir milk & pommadier creams or...
Ciao Marmo, brogues and most of all Country boots were intended for country life (gentlemen sports, shooting, fishing, whatsoever) so, not formal at all... That being said I wear my Stow, Eatons and other Tricker's boots in the city all year long as formal dressing is rarely appropriately observed nowadays even in jobs where jacket & tie are part of the dressing code (plus my job allows me to dress as I want) so I quite agree with you: Country Collection has become quite...
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