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http://edwigehitechpaysage.wix.com/gazon-synthetique#!jardins-gazon-synthetiqueMore real than real, made in Normandy, I've had that "lawn" installed on high-end hotels and offices and all the clients were totally bluffed! C&J MTO Islay for Upper Shoes Tricker's navy Stow for END Tricker's Cap toe for Pediwear Red Wing 877 THE Irish Setters Tricker's racing green Stow for END Tricker's Stow navy cordovan (the patina is turning brown despite the navy blue Saphir cream being...
Friday in sunny and smoggy Paris https://youtu.be/Snc6dVwavHA Tricker's Eaton, more than a decade and counting!
Yup, if in hurry, Swiffer is your friend !
Thanks Leaves Well it's certainly not a problem, I just dust them with the vacuum cleaner (special soft brush nozzle) along with the rest of my stuff every week.I can assure you that the picture was not posed, that is how I store my boots, on bookshelves! I haven't kept most of the boxes (I actually use some of them to sore stuff like socks, stationary, shoes laces, whatever...) and find no joy nor interest in stacking boxes with my boots in them as opposed to the real...
Mind your socks as the red will dye everything ... I have the similar "problem" with my Racing Green Stow I wear them with... Red socks!
My bad! Never seen this kind of box!!!
I have had loads of purple dust bags randomly with my reTricker orders, not sure I had them with my cordovan, even with the cap-toe Cipresso MTO (truthfully I don't remember as I store them in a box having no use for them).Some of the purple bags are smaller that the usual navy blue
Also sprach Zippyh!
I have two pairs from reTrickers (the company factory store in Northampton) that are marked in US sizes ... So LS MTOs could also be marked in US sizes, I would ask them (LS) by phone or mail if I were you.
Acorn Stow and Chie Mihara in Paris Crappy pic, beautiful shoes!
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