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Back to the blue Coniston today!
Still wearing cordovan today, Tricker's Parade in marmalade (?)
Autumn is finally (almost) there! Tricker's Stow Cypresso Green.
Well... I'm French!
Screwed steel toe taps & Top Sem sole are the perfect solution against ravaging the tip toe and against slippery floors The wearing is contained with the steel even if it's scary to see how fast I wear those 3mm of steel. Dainite has a good resistance (the black original Dainite is tougher than the blue, green or yellow "Dainite" Commando soles)Another example on my girlfriend's vintage UK cops leather boots:
I've had a pair and since I have the same way as EnglishShoes of "eating" the sole tips they didn't last three month , those soles are nice to walk on but the are frail as a pencil eraser plus the have this awful tendency to act as sponges and bring in the outside crap everywhere with you, great way to taint your or other people's home specially if they have a niiiice carpet.
A bit of each I guess but mainly comfort and aesthetics
Nope, not one, same goes for my 14 Red Wing, 6 C&J, 2 Alden, Heschung, Paraboot, Chippewa (even my All Star)...
Parade v Allan + calf v cordovan
Gents! For the lulz... MSAINT's Tricker's bonanza, 100% Tricker's boots in the sun (no boots were harmed)
New Posts  All Forums: