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Very nicely put!
Weird question indeed... And if I may, who cares if you're not a 13 years old girl "in love" with an... actor?
You just need to ask Richard!
Love them in this shade of brown! Can't wait to see what MTO Richard is going to propose this year!
Got then at Tricker's website on sale (you can found them on their outlet website for the same price: => £275)I have a pair of RW Iron Ranger in size US7 and I'm a UK6.5, so, you're a UK7!
We'll all have a compassionate thought till you tell us your verdict in a few days!
Same hereCan you all please confirm your payment on the dedicated column?=>
Been wearing the Tricker's Parade X END today
Kudos CB! Never understood how those beauties could stand unsold for a whole month!
BEFORE March 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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