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I totally agree Bullitt, winter is by far my favorite season to wear shoes anyways (meaning boots of course) as I also "suffer" from thin cotton socks as well, losing maybe not half size, but sometimes close enough to prevent some boots to be worn during hotter season Maybe I should buy some soles for summer time even if my policy is: "if you need a sole, the shoe is not your size/fit, if it's nor your size, don't buy it!"
Don't make me blush Roguls! Stow of the day: Racing Green for Sfäär:
Summer has not arrived in Paris yet (but, don't worry, we have abundant rain, floods, violent strikes, violent demonstrations, violent hooligans and repeated terror attacks to heat us up).Also I wear a lot of C&J + RW (Red Wing 6" unlined boots are perfect for summer) The fact is that I find quality leather boots are not that hot during summer, certainly not as much as the plastic (or bad-not-breathable leather) sneakers that happen to be real "sweat lodges"In my opinion...
Thanks! Well there's more where it came from such as today's Tricker's Stow:
Tricker's Allan for Merchants and missionaries (The Bureau Belfast)
Brick and Acorn in rainy Paris.
Today: Brick & Blue (END's Stow) Too bad END did not have the brick sole at the time...
Indeed!Love the Teac!
There are some videos on Youtube that make me think so, yes.
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