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If you're a US7 (we have the same feet size) you're a UK6.5 except in the 4444 last where you're a 6, you need to size 1/2 down with this generous last, Tricker's even wrote it on their catalogue.
Bookbinded leather is not fake leather like pleather, it's coated leather.Also, every UK brand in Northampton increases their prices regularly (C&J is a good illustration), look at the incredible price bump at Alfred Sargent those last 5 years!But, as you, I'm very unhappy with this decision to increase their prices "because they can" or because "luxury can't be cheap" , every luxury brand does that, Rolex is one of the purest examples.
It seems to prove that they also used bookbinded calf lining...
Thanks.Got it...I'm in shock! Why on earth would you use a bookbinded leather as a lining?
Are you sure about that? Mine have calf lining, like all my other 28 pairs of Tricker's.I've never heard of a traditional shoe maker like Tricker's using plastic lining as it won't let the shoes (and the feet) breathe and dry properly.On the pictures you posted of the Kafka Stow it sure looks like the lining is traditional calf... how does it react when you wet it? It could be a difference in the tanning process (natural vs chemical)
They started mutating after 2-3 years...
Tricker's X END Parade in Navy Blue
Tricker's X Hummingbird navy blue cordovan turning brown, who knows why...
Lucky man! Kafka, as many stores doesn't carry 6.5! Oh, the curse of having small feet!
Yep, they have the blue lining and purple pull tab from the 2016 collection, they come from Tricker's and are now available from their outlet : is usually more resistant to foul weather as it's usually thicker (it used to be rectified leather) hence the use of zug for so many country boots and UK army boots.
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