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Yup! But no 6... actually, like Tredders he started at sz 7 Uk
Those are MTO for Tredders, I asked if they could order a 6 (AS and M. Bogle from Tredders recommend to size down half size on the Selkirk) for me last month.Glen Bogle (Tredders) kindly answered me that they were not able to add my UK size 6 to they current batch as they are too far along in the manufacturing stage.This means that it could be a very long time before they are able to get my size 6 as it would need to be added to their next batch (possibly, summer 2017).As...
Gosh! You have no Idea!
My oldest Tricker's pair, Stow expresso > 14 years
zippyh! Tricker's Stow are back thanks to the summer retreating who knows where!
Damned, missed that...
Yep! My cobbler says nothing can be done! Symptoms happened more than a year after the purchase and evolved in two years into that: My cipresso Cavalier, orangy Allan and navy stow are OK, thankfully! Comipel is not as homogeneously qualitative as the Horween I have to say. The cordovan Navy Stow are forming a weird patina as they are turning brown even if I use Saphir Navy Blue cream (+ cordovan cream from Famaco) and a neutral brush... It just happens!
@zippyh Stunning boots & perfect taste as usual, how's the leather? My cipresso Stow have a leather panel showing some cracks
I love those badeggcat! What GMTO was that? I'm supposed to be on the Shoe Healer list...
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