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WOW! I posted the same question on Fedora Lounge and woke up to 2 replies. This one about the Taylor Stitch piece and on FL one from a man who owns an original version of the cafe racer and says it has the same zippers as mine!! He also said buy the 80's they were using a different tag than mine has. I think that makes it over 40 years old! Thank you for the link!
Anyone know anything about the this Russet Golden Bear moto? I would guess late 70s to early 80s but not sure. I am hoping hoping my Lost Worlds A2 takes on this patina some day...
Ive owned a Miata. They nailed it imho so Im quite excited about it. I love the look from the front. The side and rear are more like meh but i havent seen it in steel yet. I wont be getting one any time soon either way...
The fiats 124 spider and 128 wagon are mine. The van belongs to a customer and the pic was taken when I first met them. Thanks This exact piece in size small. NWOT It is too tight for me. Fit is slim. If you are 5'9" or so and size 36 this will be spot on! 110 shipped conus. Open to trades (size small). International buyers contact for shipping quote
I like the fit generally but it is maybe a hair too short? Thoughts? Thanks
Lost Worlds HH A2. I've wanted a proper HH snug fit A2 for a long time. Just bought this one here and couldn't be happier. Heavy hide, beautiful color. I've read some 'authentic' detailing is lacking and some people dont like the maker but this jacket kicks ass. I like the heavy duty leather and the quality of the construction is top notch.
These are my 21oz straights after 1.5 years of pretty straight fall winter even some spring wear. Im a woodworker, cabinetmaker so I go through thinner denim much faster than these have lasted. Im ready for the next pair...
Just bought Ertu's LW A2 and it arrived today! I couldn't be happier with it. It is definitely the best leather jacket Ive owned.
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