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I like the fit generally but it is maybe a hair too short? Thoughts? Thanks
Lost Worlds HH A2. I've wanted a proper HH snug fit A2 for a long time. Just bought this one here and couldn't be happier. Heavy hide, beautiful color. I've read some 'authentic' detailing is lacking and some people dont like the maker but this jacket kicks ass. I like the heavy duty leather and the quality of the construction is top notch.
These are my 21oz straights after 1.5 years of pretty straight fall winter even some spring wear. Im a woodworker, cabinetmaker so I go through thinner denim much faster than these have lasted. Im ready for the next pair...
Just bought Ertu's LW A2 and it arrived today! I couldn't be happier with it. It is definitely the best leather jacket Ive owned.
would you accept a few installment payments? I can send one for $150 right away. I can send as a gift so there are no paypal fees, I think. Thanks George
I just bought the worst knockoff POS jacket Ive ever seen in my life off eBay. Willis Geiger fake tag can't even tell if its real leather and I am so pissed off it's stunning. Done with eBay for shit like this, I bought another one (at least it was leather) and it smelled like 125 years of cigarettes so I returned it. So, seeking a seal brown A2 in nice leather. Horse preferred but not vital. Goat, cow, horse hides all considered. Size 36, maybe 38 if runs small. ...
Looking for one of the indigo shawl collar cardigans in small.
My "hobby" business is creating solid sterling silver pendants for cyclists. The "Guardian Angel" piece has been the most popular by far and has been sold out for several years. now that the cost of silver is back in our stratosphere I'm having a run of the Angels done again. They are available now for pre-order. 10% discount and free shipping CONUS to SF members. Styles can be seen at ciclismodesign.bigcartel.com Thanks for looking BTW:I am still on the hunt for a...
Oh dang I just re read your measurements and I think it's too big for me. I saw the 38 in the title and was hopeful. I am a true size 37...
Im looking for a wool herringbone peacoat in brown or grey. i'm a true size 37 but 38 or small will do. Thank you
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