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DWFII, you know an awful lot about leather, shoes etc. Makes me realize that here we are as mere end users, trying to figure it all out. You on the other hand build the things. Thanks not only for that, but for all of your contributions to SF
Have goatskin gloves, which from new have had a slightly shiny appearance. I'm curious to know whether this shininess is a natural characteristic for this type of leather. Or, is it common practice to apply a protecting finish at the manufacturing stage. I thought the latter, but after two years they still have that slight shininess. Not a problem, just curious. Cheers
Absolutely. I was trying to emphasize that it won't happen, not that I was surprised it didn't. Sorry, my poor wording . Yep, to do that would first involve some heavy duty stripping.I came, I saw, I buffed
I can tell you now in all seriousness... it doesn't.I'd be interested to hear what you think. Although it looks yellow in the tin, it never seems to turn the shoe yellow. As I mentioned earlier, just gives it a lift and some sparkle. Now that I think about it, I can't remember when I last saw a pair of yellow shoes. No doubt some smarty-pants will now post a picture of yellow shoes Patrickbooth has reminded me, I must investigate that Glenkaren stuff one day.
A Saphir colour that's rarely mentioned here. I like it. It's not strongly pigmented, so you probably can't mess anything up by giving it a try. On whiskey coloured shoes, I found it kept them sparkling if that makes any sense. Any other colour seemed to turn them - a still pleasant - slightly darker shade. I also thought it softer to scoop out than the other coloured waxes. Don't think wasp yellow, it's much milder than that.Lear
Understood. When considering this product, I automatically think of suede.
I bought this stuff simply because I'm a Saphir bloke. Probably no better or worse than cheaper products out there. I give the suede a quick rub/brush before spraying. This probably removes some of the previously applied spray. Does what it says on the tall tin. Seems to do the job, and makes removal of muck that little bit easier. Summer or winter, I never step out the door unprotected.Lear
+1Isn't Crat from the UK? If so, that would explain it. Wind blown storms pass from the USA across Ireland - where water droplets become infused with a magical Irish property - before raining upon mainland UK. This is especially true around Christmas time. Only this water + wax will produce the finish you see. It might sound unbelievable, but I have documents, data, and an eminent scientist ready to back it all up. If you want to match Crat's mirror shine, you'll simply...
Sermoneta have a shop in Burlington Arcade, London. Quality I thought good + fair price. Personally, I've always come away thinking the staff looked depressed - but that could be down to the Lear affect. Go to Pickett : to see how it should be done. They're also in Burlington Arcade, and have more gloves in store than shown on the website.As of today (30th Nov 2013), the Sermoneta website (UK) allows you the option to only purchase green leather...
I wanted some LL cloth. Tried to register twice this year, about 6 months apart. No sweat, a little thing like that isn't going to ruffle my feathers (SF = plumes). I simply looked elsewhere. Good luck
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