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I've never owned a CP Achilles so I can't compare but the Svensson is comfortable and worth the money.
They recommend going down a size. I'm a US 10D and their size 42 fits me perfect.
Yea, I just ordered the black trainers and with shipping to the USA I was charged $182.40 USD
From what I recall when I ordered the olive army sneakers a few weeks back, VAT is deducted when processing through Paypal.
I recently bought a pair of the Monitaly Utility pants in Khaki. I liked them so much I then purchased a pair in olive. Don't sleep on these guys, they are very comfortable, and for me everything I want in a casual pant.
50% summer sale at Svensson. Their army trainers are very comfortable. http://svenssonshop.com/en/
Do the Buttero Linen Canvas sneakers run true to size or should I size down? I usually take a 10D or 43. I have a pair of Buttero pecos style boots and I had to size down to 42. TIA
Just arrived in the mail from the nice folks at Blue Owl Workshop Wings & Horns low top in charcoal. Very comfortable and true to size.
Picked up the Olive Washer Twill M–41 Jacket = great!
These measurements are accurate for M - the sleeve fits short - -https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/5526/olive-high-count-broadcloth-bdu-jacket
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