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I didn't buy and now it's gone
Just ordered the Navy Nyco Reversed Sateen M41 Jacket from the Bureau. Fair amount of stuff left including needles
I don't do much maintenance on mine. Just remove water, mud and junk. Put a shoe tree in, once in a while some venetian leather balm or montana pitch oil. Seems to work ok, leather is soft and the fit is ok.
I ordered the black denim shirt from Oi Polloi, the fabric and construction are top notch but have to exchange it because it is too small. I am also intrigued by the Generation Shirt (Coated White Chambray) here http://www.oipolloi.com/our-legacy-generation-shirt-coated-white-chambray# What the heck is it coated with? Might have to find out, looks like a good spring summer shirt.
Driver jacket seems to have the length of a Levi's trucker jacket. Wish it was longer. Might pick one up if they go on sale. Still looking for a new spring jacket or two.
Dude - same thing happened to me but different product, Yuketen shoe Made in USA, ordered from a different web site but in the UK shipped to USA. They put the country of origin as UK, got hit with charges. E-mailed the store and they are trying to fix it. That was 4 weeks ago. Fortunately shoe was on sale.
On the fence. Yes or no? TIA
big sale at Thecorner http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/men/yuketen http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/men/yuketen-heschung the code gifttoyou gave me 20% off
Bunch of stuff on sale http://understudyshop.com/collections/needles
Wesco Boss Boots - Brown - Size 10D - New with box. Great boots, sizing OK, didn’t care for my makeup. Custom Wesco Boss ($479.95) • Leather Configuration: Single Tone • Toe Vamp Leather: Brown Smooth • Counter Leather: Brown Smooth • Upper (Shaft) Leather: Brown Smooth • Height: 8" • Instep Straps: Brown Smooth • Instep Strap Length: Standard • Instep Buckle Options: Nickel Plated • Top Strap Amount: Pull Straps • Top Straps: Brown Smooth • Top Strap Length:...
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