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I bought a navy in Large - I'm just about 6 feet tall. I have no complaints. Let me know if you need measurements.
Workaday by Engineered Garments FW16 (New Shirts) http://nepenthesny.tumblr.com/tagged/shirting
Thanks for the help.
Yes, the current season please.I was looking at the cords but I assume the measurements would be the same for all the materialsthanks
Hey guys, any one have a pair of the fatigue pants? I'm find conflicting waist size measurements. For example Haven has size 34 waist as 33 inches, TBB has size 34 at 34 inches and Independence has a size L(34?) as 35 inches. thanks
I was wondering the same thing the other day...
Anyone else having issues with Mr Porter web site not giving the size fit info? Tried two different browsers dumped cookies etc and still no info.
I've never owned a CP Achilles so I can't compare but the Svensson is comfortable and worth the money.
They recommend going down a size. I'm a US 10D and their size 42 fits me perfect.
Yea, I just ordered the black trainers and with shipping to the USA I was charged $182.40 USD
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