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I took a size IV in the gemini, and I know we're roughly the same specs. Fits me similar to dieworkwear (not slouchy unless unbuttoned, buttoned up it doesn't feel too tight/slim - no pulling at the buttons).
I'm about the same height and took the Miami in a size 5. 140-145lbs, 39" chest. The sweater is cut slightly cropped.
Every time I add option #3 to my cart, it puts 2 in. When I try to remove one, it says 2 is the minimum quantity allowed... In for #3!
Odin updated their online sales prices, stuff at 60-70% off now.
Ervell webshop had those, sold out quick after first round of drops though. They also didn't put that colorway up until pretty late in the season also.
@el Bert the moleskin pants are really nice, though I only handled them very quickly so far. Fabric is thick and substantial, color is slightly darker in real life than the ones online.
Order from thestylechamber.com came in.... they were nice enough to mark down with out me even asking. Ordered Sunday evening, shipped out Monday, delivered Thurs. I asked for them to send via Emirates Post instead of UPS...they ended up using Empost, which eventually gets delivered via DHL, so I won't know if I'll get hit with customs yet. Grabbed the Brood cardi, brown moleskin Ends pants, and a cardi for the gf. Overall very pleasant experience. Only ended up pre...
I'm a 32" waist, usually wear a 48. I've found size 4 to be the best fit for me for SS pants. 4 out of 6 pants I own are size 4 and fit well. The other 2 I own are size 5, one fits well (Babylon trousers FW11?), the other is too big in the waist (Urban trousers SS12).Sounds like you'd be a size 3, but sizing is a crap shot with Schneider...
$175 -> $160 100% Linen. New, never worn. Lined sleeves, functioning buttonholes at cuffs. Body is unlined. p2p / s2s / sleeve / length 20.5" / 17" / 25" / 28.5"
Maas and Stacks has some SS14 up online!
New Posts  All Forums: