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Not seeing the discount, no code? I've had an account with WW since they first became an affiliate too.
Thanks, grabbed some seconds tee's. Edit : Don' forget TULIP for additional 10% off.
Cause he's totally ok with his pace currently. 40 days, and he still has a big pile of old storage jackets to leisurely ship out to give the impression that progress is being made. Why would he want to exhaust that pile so fast so he has no excuse to not address the remaining questions of : How is CURRENT production coming along (or not coming along at all)? Large Wallets?
Anybody experience shrinkage with DRKSHDW line jeans? (97% cotton, 3% elastine)
Most irons have a setting to inject water into the hot iron and produce steam through holes on the bottom of the iron. In that sense, you iron lightly (almost hovering over the wool) and steam the wool to get the creases out. Going close to the buttons with an iron probably will not have any effect on them, unless you leave the iron next to them for a prolonged period of time. You could also hang the jacket in the bathroom and leave the shower running with hot water to...
Iron it yourself? Iron set to wool+steam, and lightly go over the wrinkled areas paying attention to not go over the leather.
I could only wish.
It looks just like it's pictured, it's not pinned in the back. Sleeves are too long for me, fit is off...I'm probably going to end up returning.
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