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measurements up
Thanks, but meant I have my pre order in with CSC already....just wanted to add in that their deadline was last Sunday.
I preordered the maxi from Carson Street Clothiers, but they said their deadline was last sunday to submit their buy.
Am I the only one who doesn't like the flap pockets on the new Kaftans?
I still can't believe they didn't just beastmode that bish in on all the remaining downs.
Just her label I hope. I know she hasn't put out any collections recently.
Jacket from now defunct designer Ute Ploier. Made with a charcoal melange virgin wool fabric sourced from Japan. Lined sleeves. Size 48, measurements will be up soon. P2p 21" S2s 17.5" Sleeve 25.5" Length 26.5"
Didn't even realize there was text/article. I just looked at the pictures
I've tried on multiple 46's and 48's from Lemiare pants...I'm a true 31.5" waist and 46's fit me well. 48's always end up being too big (34"). 46 = 32" 48 = 34" 50 = 36"?
Browns has a couple pieces online from SS15.
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