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Why the Mississippi and Alabama hate? They need a jacket for their harsh winters down south!
grey flannel pants sniped form my cart as i was checking out... rest of order errored while submitting, but order shows up in history with pending, hopefully my order gets fulfilled.
Looks like Working Title Shop is going to carry Schneider (nothing up yet). http://workingtitleshop.com/collections/stephan-schneider
Inside out, low heat setting (wool/poly/acetate). If there's really persistent wrinkles, iron while the shirt is still a little damp or hang it in the bathroom while you take a hot shower to steam - then iron. I've ironed directly on the granite print shirt I got, and it's been fine so far (low heat setting though).
The lounge jacket is pretty awesome, just thinner than I expected - so still mulling over whether to keep.
I think what toasty is getting at is a very basic form with fields for relevant info...and then a script to process the form and that will generate the actual listing text to be presented.Think of a user wanting t sell a sweater. The form associated for it will present the user with these fields : designer, tagged size, fabric composition, p2p, s2s, outer sleeve, inner sleeve, length, country of origin, additional remarks, etc... the script will then generate the actual...
Guidi reversed calf chelseas
Junya CdGSchneiderErvellGellerGuidi [[SPOILER]]
USPS postmen usually dont even leave the pink card saying they tried to deliver and that you can pick thr pkg up at the post office. Package subsequently gets sent back since you never knew it was a missed delivery in the first place. This wouldn't be a problem if there was a shipment conf email with tracking info.
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