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Bacon ripple thing didnt happen when i layered over a collar shirt. I know what your talking about though. I dont see how trying to get sizing correct for a brand notorious for inconsistent sizing is weak. Especially when its free shipping/returns. I really wasn't expecting to be able to get the sweater for $240 this early in the season either. I was expecting to just order it from Forward again when they do their first round of drops. Edit : Yea, size 4.
I handled it already when I ordered a couple things from Forward to try on (thanks free shipping/returns). The fabric is very similar to last years flecked cashmere/wool blend fabric, but feels more substantial, sturdy, less delicate since this is 100% wool and pretty tightly woven. It's still pretty lightweight though and would be a great layering piece. The gradient effect isn't really noticeable until you get really close, which I appreciate. I am not a fan of some...
Have two of these, one black and one sea blue. Black one is straight black, sea blue is a melange color made up of blues and greens. The heaviest sweater from Ervell's past FW13 collection. Super soft and warm, no pilling on either sweater...both probably worn 2 times max each. p2p / raglan sleeve / inner sleeve / body length 22" / 29" / 20" / 25" (Included is a pic of the cable knit over same season pocket sweater for comparison) $150 shipped within US. PM for...
Tan suede derby with crepe sole from Common Projects. Still have original box. Minimal wear, CP 41 too big for me, CP 40 little too small....wish size 40.5 were more readily available $250 shipped within US. PM for international quote.
Algae coat came in to try on. Like Kyle said before, arms are slim, armholes high, no space to really layer under the coat.Too long on me?The furry alpaca fabric is nice, havent noticed any shedding in the short time ive handled it. I worry the fabric might knap together with wear. [[SPOILER]]
Been sitting in my closet. This is the older fit that has longer lengths than the current iteration of the Stark. $215 Shipped. sleeve / p2p / shoulder / back 26" / 19" / 16.5" / 27"
Extra 15% off sale price at lagarconne.com using "LGAUG15"
Sweatshirt/hoodies fit slim...went with a medium and usually wear 48 in geller mainline. I probably could have sized up, but the sleeve length probably would have been a problem so i stuck with the medium.The seconds sweatpants also in medium, kinda fit like leggings on me from the knee down. They were ok in the top block and thighs, but really tapered at the calves. I probably could have sized up, but since I would be wearing these to lounge around the house, I kept them.
Depends on how you want to wear it I guess. If sleeves weren't long on me I'd def be keeping my 5. I get some bunching at the wrists from the sleeves being too long for me. this would be ok if it was a sweatshirt, but it's more of a sweater/knit. I do have short arms, so oversized may be wrong....relaxed would be a better way to describe the sweater.
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