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Anybody wanna swap a size 46 Richard long jacket in Charcoal for Black? I have last summer's bomber in the same black fabric....so leaning towards returning the long jacket currently...
Usually a 48 in Geller...and I went with a small in the fisherman. Sleeves are long, other than that the fit is good for me. Did not have a chance to try on a medium, so cannot give comparison.
Take your CP size.
http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx Anybody in the US file a complaint here yet?
Owl Maxi came in. It's surprisingly really heavy weight (similar weight to the Schneider Merino grey heavy wool NMWA reissue) and should be the perfect overcoat this winter. Typically 48, went with a 46.
@el Bert didn't know you were the one who grabbed that schneider sweater from me. wear in good health!
Since people who have submitted a complaint to the South Korean side authorities, and their response has been to file with local authorities (basically saying it's not their problem/jurisdiction)....Has anybody from the US filed a complaint with the IC3 - http://www.ic3.gov/about/default.aspx ?Edit : There seems to be equivalent versions for other countries.AUS - http://www.acorn.gov.au/CANADA - http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/index-eng.htm
Never said he hasn't...............
Damn. I've gotten asked where I got my Geller jeans from last season a handful of times already. Now when people ask me where I got them, and I tell them a designer named Robert Geller -- I can follow it up with the fact Drake wore his jeans in his Hotline Bling video.
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