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Make an appointment to visit No Man Walks Alone. Reach out to Greg (gdl203) or Kyle (conceptual 4est).
From yesterday [[SPOILER]]
Checking in, anybody get their large wallet yet? GF already got a replacement wallet from Michael Kors as a gift, as she scoffed at me getting scammed over the interwebs.
measurements up
Thanks, but meant I have my pre order in with CSC already....just wanted to add in that their deadline was last Sunday.
I preordered the maxi from Carson Street Clothiers, but they said their deadline was last sunday to submit their buy.
Am I the only one who doesn't like the flap pockets on the new Kaftans?
I still can't believe they didn't just beastmode that bish in on all the remaining downs.
Just her label I hope. I know she hasn't put out any collections recently.
Jacket from now defunct designer Ute Ploier. Made with a charcoal melange virgin wool fabric sourced from Japan. Lined sleeves. Size 48, measurements will be up soon. P2p 21" S2s 17.5" Sleeve 25.5" Length 26.5"
New Posts  All Forums: