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I could only wish.
It looks just like it's pictured, it's not pinned in the back. Sleeves are too long for me, fit is off...I'm probably going to end up returning.
Like the fabric, don't love the hourglass/slim cut.
Charly/Dan probably didn't want to resort to posting on Libertine's FB page to even get a response from Drew.
Make an appointment to visit No Man Walks Alone. Reach out to Greg (gdl203) or Kyle (conceptual 4est).
From yesterday [[SPOILER]]
Checking in, anybody get their large wallet yet? GF already got a replacement wallet from Michael Kors as a gift, as she scoffed at me getting scammed over the interwebs.
measurements up
Thanks, but meant I have my pre order in with CSC already....just wanted to add in that their deadline was last Sunday.
I preordered the maxi from Carson Street Clothiers, but they said their deadline was last sunday to submit their buy.
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