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Just her label I hope. I know she hasn't put out any collections recently.
Jacket from now defunct designer Ute Ploier. Made with a charcoal melange virgin wool fabric sourced from Japan. Lined sleeves. Size 48, measurements will be up soon.
Didn't even realize there was text/article. I just looked at the pictures
I've tried on multiple 46's and 48's from Lemiare pants...I'm a true 31.5" waist and 46's fit me well. 48's always end up being too big (34"). 46 = 32" 48 = 34" 50 = 36"?
Browns has a couple pieces online from SS15.
I work down the street, but usually work a double shift on Sat. Will try to pop in for some shots of tequila.
FW 12/13/14 all have different cuts FW12/13 are similar, but FW13 is slimmer and slightly longer lengths than FW12. Both are generally slim fitting. FW14 is more of a regular fit.
Corner drops happening.
I have the same experience as bene. Rock 4 too tight armholes, sized up to 5. Clover 4 too slim and should have went w/ 5 in Clover also. I have broad shoulders, so YMMV.
Daikanyama was probably my favorite area when I visited Tokyo last year. Makes me want to go back to Tokyo already....and my gf always jokes around that we should go back once a year already (pretty sure she's not joking).
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