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Noticed some Fall '15 stuff on Lagarconne womens... Like the Kaftan in owl tweed - http://www.lagarconne.com/store/item/89-2498-2498/32087/Lemaire-Herringbone-Tweed-Kaftan-Coat.htm
PSA : Richard Bomber on Eastdane for $230, 46/50 still avail (use code 25more).
Total has always been the top row 3rd cell in the spreadsheet, since it was started.
Wait. Until. DWW presents some information from his reaching out/researching legal side.It's not even been 48 hours since the "list" was started.There is a huge timezone difference from US/Korea.Real information takes time to gather, googling on the internet can only reveal so much, and not everything on the internet is true.Mauro already said he has somebody in Korea that can check things out (forget if it was the leathershop he/she was going to check out or some place...
He posted his $ figure while I was out grabbing dinner w/ the misses.List has been updated 1-155, $138,764.
ToJ List #1-#140 Total : $115,442 (Missing ~15 people $'s) Copy and paste below list, adding yourself and how much monetary value you are owed in ToJ product(s) : 135 hxh_killua ($780) 136 ambyance ($830) 137 burghler ($830) 138 Modernize ($850) 139 s0ljah ($380) 140 snwbdr94 ($795)
I lol'd.
ToJ List #1-#125 Total : $98,926 Missing ~15 people $'s
I'm inclined to think if people file a dispute through Paypal, then it is in Paypal's system. Paypal can easily pull up that history for Drew's paypal and see all the disputes, even if they are closed due to automatically being closed. The record is there as soon as you put in the dispute. It does not get removed from their system (or shouldn't, as far as good record keeping goes).We don't need to send Paypal anything at this time. If we do, it is probably going to be...
There is no point in compiling that information, Paypal already has it.Anybody that has not filed a dispute with Paypal, should probably** do so - even if the transaction you sent to pay for your ToJ gear falls out of the 45 day window to dispute. It will automatically get closed, but Paypal will be aware, and it will throw up a flag. As long as you do that much, Paypal will know how many people are still waiting for stuff, for how much, who they are, etc....Edit :...
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