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was stuck at checkout, sucks!
You got the 48 in Rust, Sev?
had to place like 6 orders to prevent stuff getting sniped outta my cart...
Hooded Emile bomber (black and olive) are up at Anture. Grabbed myself the olive.
Anybody know how the waist sizing is on last winters mohair lounge pants?
Yea, they did get a full size run. They had 41-45 when I noticed them on Eastdane yesterday...
Mass&Stacks additional 20% off sales items "SS15-LASTCHANCE"
My cancellation email from Barney's said they "could not process payment". Called them on the off chance I could get my order manually placed, but the CSR said it was cancelled due to an invalid promo code that was not authorized for me to use. Guess the few who got orders shipped are the lucky ones.
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