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USPS postmen usually dont even leave the pink card saying they tried to deliver and that you can pick thr pkg up at the post office. Package subsequently gets sent back since you never knew it was a missed delivery in the first place. This wouldn't be a problem if there was a shipment conf email with tracking info.
Rare cardigan from Ute Ploier. Picked up from Suspension Point, and ended up being too slim for me in the sleeves. Body of the cardigan is a tightly woven wool, the collar/placket is a alpaca mix that can be worn different ways. Leave it unbuttoned and it drapes like a scarf, button it up for more structure. $200 shipped within US. PM for international quote. p2p / s2s / sleeve / length [coming]
100% cotton shawl collar cardigan. Has contrasting shawl collar knitting. No pulls/pilling. Size 5, fits boxy/cropped. $130 shipped within US. PM for international quote. p2p / s2s / sleeve / length 22" / 18.5" / 23" / 24"
From my experiences, navigating NMWA even at 3am EST with no sales or promotions running, the site still responds terribly slow. I haven't timed it, but basically I'd always have time to go to another browser tab to read something else, then come back to check if the page loaded. To see certain products from specific designers, I'd open new tabs to the product pages rather than go to the product page in my active window than have to reload the designer page again.This is...
Paid the remaining deposit maybe 30 minutes after I got the email that the pre-orders were in. Got tracking# little later in the evening yesterday (~6pm est?). I'm happy NYC->BOS is 1 day for UPS usually.
Depends on how the sleeve is put together for a particular jacket. In the case of the Merino, it should be very easy for an experienced tailor. I'm thinking about doing the lining myself (I do my own basic alterations - hems, certain sleeves, taper).
Completely surprised UPS just delivered my Merino when the driver who does my route always delivers my stuff after 7pm. Got the light grey, and the coat is HEAVY, which is exactly what I wanted for the dead winter up here in New England. Haven't tried it on w/o the lining and/or hood to see how it looks/drapes w/o them, but it would seem buttoning it up with the lining and hood attached will be an ordeal. Sleeves are unlined, which sucks..but it's an easy thing to fix...
CharcoalGrey is the thickest/heaviest Edit : charcoal looked black on phone =x so thought charcoal was black, and grey was charcoal
Black, as seen in the pics posted.
The first iteration of Ervells selvedge denim. Barely worn. Waist / rise / inseam / hem 16" / 10.5" / 31" / 6.5" $125 $110 shipped within US. PM for international quote.
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