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Mass&Stacks additional 20% off sales items "SS15-LASTCHANCE"
My cancellation email from Barney's said they "could not process payment". Called them on the off chance I could get my order manually placed, but the CSR said it was cancelled due to an invalid promo code that was not authorized for me to use. Guess the few who got orders shipped are the lucky ones.
Can't get any order submitted on Barney's; think they flagged the code. Edit : NVM, went through with another card.
I have the same pair I think (black in 46, single pleat elasticized pants in a lightweight cotton chino fabric). The pockets should be there. The actual opening is sewn shut so stuff doesn't get tangled during shipping and display. This is true for most tailored clothes. Just double check the inside of the pants and if there is a pocket attached, then it is surely sewn shut.
Noticed some Fall '15 stuff on Lagarconne womens... Like the Kaftan in owl tweed - http://www.lagarconne.com/store/item/89-2498-2498/32087/Lemaire-Herringbone-Tweed-Kaftan-Coat.htm
PSA : Richard Bomber on Eastdane for $230, 46/50 still avail (use code 25more).
Total has always been the top row 3rd cell in the spreadsheet, since it was started.
Wait. Until. DWW presents some information from his reaching out/researching legal side.It's not even been 48 hours since the "list" was started.There is a huge timezone difference from US/Korea.Real information takes time to gather, googling on the internet can only reveal so much, and not everything on the internet is true.Mauro already said he has somebody in Korea that can check things out (forget if it was the leathershop he/she was going to check out or some place...
He posted his $ figure while I was out grabbing dinner w/ the misses.List has been updated 1-155, $138,764.
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