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Please note that the Rewards Program and Gift Cards are excluded from the sale!
Hey guys, we're really stoked for our write up on the Manual that was just posted today. Check, check, check it out if you haven't seen it yet! http://www.themanual.com/fashion/wolf-vs-goat-menswear/
Olive Nailhead: Olive Flannel: Navy Mini-pinstripe: Navy Flannel: Charcoal Wool: Wine Wool: Glen Plaid: Navy Chalk Stripe: Charcoal Barn Coat: Red Cashmere Overcoat:
Hey everyone here are the spread collar differences. Spread And Wide
Hey guys a couple quick notes: Mauro is New York taking care of things for the upcoming season(s). Also we will NOT be combining orders in regards to shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. As always, Fire Sale items are Final Sale items so there will be no returns accepted. There are great deals left to be had, particularly chinos and Hooligan/Skipper sweaters!
The sale to end all sales is coming. More details to follow this week!
Toteholders: you will have an email for the henleys, tees, and thermals later tonigh! They're the shit!
If you don't know, now you know!
Your account is created during checkout.If you are in New York this weekend, we are selling some items that you may never see again at Peregrine Showroom. Prices are crazy low so get there sooner than later!
Japanese Olive Twill shirt in AD (Mauro's unicorn):
New Posts  All Forums: