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Yeah, that's great. Too bad it's in Minnesota. Probably snow covered 11 months out of the year.
The best are ones with 17 different exterior materials. Some stone, some brick, some wood - just throw everything on there. It's like a house quilt.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman Hasn't there been at least one 250 GTO crash? I'd presume even a salvageable wreck in that car would be far far more expensive than wrecking any modern car. With the exception of a McLaren F1 LM, I can't think of any car of the last 20 years that would approach anything close to that level. Also, yes need to see 21 year old. Yes, here's a 250 GTO I saw a few years ago with a temporary nose. Vintage...
Quote: Originally Posted by limping_decorum this was in a sub division near us years a go....... BTW - probably the most famous neglected car ever. A 250 GTO was registered to a high school for use in its auto shop class. Subsequently sat in a field for 20 years. Now worth $20+ million.
Uh - no. Far more expensive cars have crashed. Still, this sucks.
I have an RLPL down coat with zippers with alligator pull tabs. it's awesome. I love that coat and those zippers.
What's wrong with his zippers?
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith whats gonna happen with all those cars when he dies??? i think hes wasting his time huh?
It's a 330 2+2 and probably would have cost more to restore than the final product is worth.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beckwith zjp, is that a shot of your stable? It's Ralph Lauren's garage in Montauk.
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