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It's very pretty on the water in Greenwich. I don't live there but go fishing on the Sound off of Belle Haven.
nice pic. I like that
Normal. And the shoes are great. I also have them.
Should have bought Borders. Damn!
I clearly need to buy some beads for SF pic purposes. I bought all my rugs especially for shoe photos, after all.
I had a cat that got shut in an under-sink cabinet once, too. They just like to climb in things / lay on top of things. If you have a laptop open, guaranteed that in under 5 minutes your cat will come lie over the keyboard.
The problem with working out is that you have to buy a whole new wardrobe if you gain enough muscle. I gained 30 pounds, had to get rid of everything and start again.
My cat has peed on my sneakers. They are ninja-like creatures that hop in closets when you aren't looking. It makes for a sticky situation. True story.
First few pages here are pretty "baller." All for sale, too!
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