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Normal. And the shoes are great. I also have them.
Should have bought Borders. Damn!
I clearly need to buy some beads for SF pic purposes. I bought all my rugs especially for shoe photos, after all.
I had a cat that got shut in an under-sink cabinet once, too. They just like to climb in things / lay on top of things. If you have a laptop open, guaranteed that in under 5 minutes your cat will come lie over the keyboard.
The problem with working out is that you have to buy a whole new wardrobe if you gain enough muscle. I gained 30 pounds, had to get rid of everything and start again.
My cat has peed on my sneakers. They are ninja-like creatures that hop in closets when you aren't looking. It makes for a sticky situation. True story.
First few pages here are pretty "baller." All for sale, too! http://streeteasy.com/nyc/sales/nyc/
I found pics of our house before we tore it down to the foundation. Wood paneling everywhere. Tons of wrought iron, for some reason. Classy Fixtures Old kitchens More awesome bathrooms and wood paneling
Nice apt
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