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Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Going with the smythson. Found out that the RL home store has one in Alligator, but it's $6700~ Asprey's alligator one is only $3,700, unless you get it with diamonds. Then it's $20,000. Why not this? -
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai did it inspire any of them to try to become artists? or go into marketing?
Handing out "ringers" for magazine tests obviously happens. I'd be more concerned about buying a "limited edition of 399" Enzo and then reading an article in the Ferrari Market Letter by someone who has collected over 440 serial numbers for different Enzos. Ooops.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai I have a few of these in my barn.
Hey guys, I have a question about Sony headphones. I got a gift certificate to Sony Style, so I am set on the Sony brand. Can you guys provide any advice? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by PERhodes Living in the city it's hard to pinpoint a place that's "baller" on google maps or something as most of them are tucked behind the unassuming walls of a brownstone or occupy the upper floors of otherwise stale condo towers. This place however lies on a point of land in Buzzards Bay about a half mile(as the crow flies) from my own family's summer place. As with the majority of homes in the area, this is strictly a...
I like stone and always liked this place: This place is also pretty cool. Though lacking a moat
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal I kind of like a few of those fixtures. Over the top but kinda cool. We kept one and had it restored. It has Wedgwood cameos and is quite over the top and silly, but kind of works where it is.
It's very pretty on the water in Greenwich. I don't live there but go fishing on the Sound off of Belle Haven.
nice pic. I like that
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