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I have an RLPL down coat with zippers with alligator pull tabs. it's awesome. I love that coat and those zippers.
What's wrong with his zippers?
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith whats gonna happen with all those cars when he dies??? i think hes wasting his time huh?
It's a 330 2+2 and probably would have cost more to restore than the final product is worth.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beckwith zjp, is that a shot of your stable? It's Ralph Lauren's garage in Montauk.
Quote: Originally Posted by spertia That Ferrari area of the garage.... Damn! Yum yum
The cars are driven regularly, including in Westchester and Montauk.
Some say over-restored. I think they're great. Awesome collection.
Edward Green for Asprey: I own them. They are nice.
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