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hahaha the shopping mall is hilarious
Quote: Originally Posted by Grey Every racing car with paddle shifters has them on the COLUMN, not on the wheel, so they're always in the same place no matter what position the wheel is in. I understand that generally you're not supposed to be shifting in a corner, you downshift before, but sometimes you'll have to in a decreasing/increasing radius corner. McLaren MP4-12C has them on the wheel. Personal preference, I guess.
Sort of an extension of the OP, but I don't like bare carbon cars or exposed bare carbon parts. It's trying to hard. CF is fine for interior trim, engine compartment trim, etc. But not on body panels (IMHO).
Quote: Originally Posted by v0rtex This tacky POS is languishing unfinished near Orlando, yours for only $75m: Largest residential home in the US, 90000 square ft. 10 kitchens, so your chef has a different one every day of the week and two at weekends. 13 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms. In a fitting display of karmic justice for a property built by a timeshare tycoon, he's having trouble selling it because there's no resale market for the ridiculous...
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar I am certainly not a car expert by any means and anything I say could be way off base and so please correct me if needed - but I wonder how much of this is due to pressure from Lamborghini? Here Ferrari releases the Scuderia and champions its aerodynamics, its precision engineering, and its speed which matches the Enzo on their test track ... and then Lambo comes in with a 560 that is faster, has much more equipment...
Yeah, that's great. Too bad it's in Minnesota. Probably snow covered 11 months out of the year.
The best are ones with 17 different exterior materials. Some stone, some brick, some wood - just throw everything on there. It's like a house quilt.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman Hasn't there been at least one 250 GTO crash? I'd presume even a salvageable wreck in that car would be far far more expensive than wrecking any modern car. With the exception of a McLaren F1 LM, I can't think of any car of the last 20 years that would approach anything close to that level. Also, yes need to see 21 year old. Yes, here's a 250 GTO I saw a few years ago with a temporary nose. Vintage...
Quote: Originally Posted by limping_decorum this was in a sub division near us years a go....... BTW - probably the most famous neglected car ever. A 250 GTO was registered to a high school for use in its auto shop class. Subsequently sat in a field for 20 years. Now worth $20+ million.
Uh - no. Far more expensive cars have crashed. Still, this sucks.
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