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"I blinked and then I cured my brain"
I don't feel schadenfreunde over this. Is he a big jerk? If it were "The Situation" or Justin Bieber or something, it would be a different story. Edit: Watched some interviews. Guess he's kind of a jerk. Still don't find myself loving his downfall.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse I think because he's gay and drunk and fashionable, and all Europeanish, and probably likes Obama, we should just move on and chalk this up to the ramblings of an eccentric or perhaps modern art.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Also, posts like this. Time out this guy please? Why should wacky political views deserve a time out when wishing death upon SF members doesn't get one? Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma You're a moron; if we're having a geopolitical discussion and you say this shit I'll tell you to curl up and die (please do), if I ran into drunken Galliano yelling at Jews I'd tell him the same although...
Early Midieval History. Taught by a guy who I think was alive at that time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I say those things when sober, please get gassed. This is pretty appalling.
Quote: Originally Posted by henrikc Terrible design on the centre console, looks like it would suck to use it. I saw someone say that this: belongs in this:
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Complex headlight shapes with random scalloped cutaways and counter-curves. I don't know why this trend started, but it's been going on strong for 6-7 years. It also seems that manufacturers like to bungle a car's headlights with these effects in mid-cycle freshening. See Mercedes as an example. Every refreshed Benz is a significantly uglier version of its former self. . I blame the Porsche 996.
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