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Quote: Originally Posted by venessian I think the fact that the prep/dining counter slams into the shelves (on the right side of the pic) is awkward. I don't understand this? The counter seems to carry on to the right and off the visible area. There is just shelving above the counter.
I think their burritos taste delicious.
Yes, the Neturi Karta believe that God sent the Jews into exile from Israel, and that Jews cannot return until the Messiah comes. So, they believe it is against God's will to be in Israel because only the Messiah can establish a Jewish state (and the Messiah hasn't come yet).
Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius Ehhh........depends what field you're in and what you want to do. Many people in chemistry get industry jobs with very minimal publication records simply because of who they know and who they worked for. Publications help, but the reputation of your lab is a pretty enormous consideration. I don't doubt it. I guess I'm thinking from the perspective of staying in academia.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai better fwiw, i don't like the work, but you guys are so tired and uncreative that is isn't difficult to see why you have trouble with contemporary art. at least stephenhero is trying, it's just that he's trying a little too hard. to put it into terms appropriate to the thread, StephenHero is like the Banksy of making fun of art whereas you Red are maybe a painting of a wave at a crafts fair. the guy with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Base your school choice on your future faculty advisor, NOT the school's standing. Very few will care if you were a Harvard student for some no-name professor, whereas if you go to a recognizable name (and a person with whom you will easily get along and have the freedom to do ^^the above) you can stand out to "the right people". Agree to some extent. Some "big names" are assholes. It's preferable to work...
I used to buy Lobb trees for all my Lobb shoes, EG trees for all my EG shoes, etc. and then I stopped caring. You can't specify last of the shoe tree, so I didn't see the point any longer.
41 = 8/8.5 Us?
Quote: Originally Posted by qtporn I love Aventador... I have one and i will not change my car now... Aventador have fast speed EPIC
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