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Quote: Originally Posted by qtporn I love Aventador... I have one and i will not change my car now... Aventador have fast speed EPIC
"I blinked and then I cured my brain"
Early Midieval History. Taught by a guy who I think was alive at that time.
Quote: Originally Posted by henrikc Terrible design on the centre console, looks like it would suck to use it. I saw someone say that this: belongs in this:
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Complex headlight shapes with random scalloped cutaways and counter-curves. I don't know why this trend started, but it's been going on strong for 6-7 years. It also seems that manufacturers like to bungle a car's headlights with these effects in mid-cycle freshening. See Mercedes as an example. Every refreshed Benz is a significantly uglier version of its former self. . I blame the Porsche 996.
Shit I can't believe I just posted my million dollar idea on the internet.
I think it would be cooler if there were a series of vertical glass plates with holes in them, suggesting that the meteorite had smashed through them. And then the meteorite could be lodged in the wall.
Interior looks really cheap. Wonder if they will clean up the plasticy look.
The "shopping mall" reminds me of this place. The basement had , among other things, (1) a bar, (2) a sort of diner area with diner booths, (3) a movie theater with a theater cafe/concession stand, (4) wine cellar done up to look like some sort of wine shop and (5) fake Parisian shop windows.
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