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Awesome . To whom does the flip-flopped foot belong? The dude with the Coors Light?
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Why. The money we give Israel could be used to better the US. So I guess I can ask why is anyone in support of aid for Israel anti-American? This argument doesn't make any sense. We live in a geopolitical world. Any money spent abroad could be spent in the United States instead. That doesn't mean it could all be "used better" in the United States, as you suggest. Unless you want us to become completely...
Still available?
Beaman FTW!
Looks good on you. Congrats.
Luca overdosing on sprezz.
Lapo with what appear to be turnback cuffs.
Good luck. I'm no expert at all, but track driving is very fun. You definitively have to keep up with maintenance as tires, brakes, etc. will obviously start to go more quickly. If you can, I would recommend going with an instructor. It is very helpful to get the line, as well as knowing when to brake, when to get on the power, etc. It is not something that you can really teach yourself (at least I don't think I could), and I have always found instructors to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grey ^^^ Yeah, this all day. Perfect example. That CTR wheel was a *nice* wheel. Why does the steering wheel in a Ferrari have to cost 10x more? Spend that money on making the car faster, not on better "feeling" interior bits. Italian exotics aren't luxury cars. Lots of Ferrari interior pieces come from the Fiat bin. If you want nice switchgear, buy a late 90's Bentley Continental. If you want to go fast,...
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