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What kind of watch? This is such an open-ended question.
awesome, great price
I bet it sells for $40 million, max.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Chubby men with goatees, home beer brewing kits, and "Man Caves" buy residential pool tables. no
Preparing to cop - http://www.bhsusa.com/manhattan/uppe...house/1207017#
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Solid wood, amazingly enough (or not) most of the furniture I looked at is MDF with veneer over it, even places like DWR which are supposed to be good quality. With that stuff, you are paying for the design, not the construction or materials. My favorite furniture is made by Thos. Moser. All actual wood made by real artisans. Although it's a "brand" that has gained notoriety, at least it's good. ...
1. I don't buy the "more than they can spend" argument. There are definitely ways to spend it. Once you start getting yachts, planes, multiple homes, staff, serious art, you could easily spend hundreds of millions - if not billions - of dollars. 2. A lot of the "net worth" being discussed is based on stock holdings. If that stock value goes down, the wealth decreases. So this question of "why do they keep working?" is a bit obvious in that they have a real interest...
I think I'm off Chan. I've been happy, but it's just not convenient any more for me to work with a traveling tailor IMO. Too much lag time.
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