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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Its a 599 as a hardtop convertible. It was fucking insane. Theres a launch button (seriously) that you use if you plan on nailing it off the line. I cannot imagine taking off in a NASA spaceship feeling any less exciting. Just wow. There is no such car. It is just called a California. It has nothing to do with the 599.
I think none of this compares to Obama stating that the United States' bond with Japan is "unshakeable." Right after a 9.0 earthquake hits Japan. Yikes...
I also have them, and they are good.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Serious question: How fucking pathetic do people have to be before we're allow to stop giving a shit whether society leaves them behind? All I saw in that article were a bunch of worthless, uneducated, unskilled, fat, flatscreen tv-watching, funnel-cake-eating, self-loathing, drug-abusing bums waiting for Uncle Sam and God to bail them out. It's a sad, difficult question. I do think society...
The pants are excellent
My point-and-shoot is a Nikon P6000. It is expensive but quite great. I don't know if they still make it.
There was an interesting article the other day in the WSJ about the Byzantine emprie. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...424600444.html
Quote: Originally Posted by medtech_expat +1 Other good alternatives include a VC Patrimony small seconds in white gold or a Breguet 5140 with enamel dial. Yes, agreed.
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke at 15k, what model PP do you think is superb? Whatever Calatrava you like best.
You can get a used Lange dress watch or Patek 3919 for $10,000. That's what I would get. If these are "too dressy" for you, I like the Girard Perregaux 1945 or 1966, which you can also get for around $10,000 (and in gold too, unlike many of the others being suggested by others).
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