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Interesting. Thanks all for the information. All mine have seams.
Quote: Originally Posted by Aaron That has more to do with weight savings than quality. Their GT cars aren't like that. Their paint process just sucked back then. You can see the weave of the CF through the paint on the F50 too. You can't on the Enzo. Their painting is now great. A lot of the problem is in dealer prep. These cars are tested about 100 miles and then shipped overseas - they are all going to have some swirls and some paint...
I don't think that's possible. I also don't think this looks like it has the texture of shell. It looks more grainy. Shell doesn't have that look.
Quote: Originally Posted by brescd01 I am thinking of re-painting my car grey. Is there a method or place one goes to to get Aston Martin or Bentley quality paint? That's going to be one classy Subaru.
I like this apt. Nice bookshelves. Che art kind of funny when you think about it. http://www.bhsusa.com/manhattan/midt.../coop/1067608#
Quote: Originally Posted by 660 Maybe not for Disney land. I have never got the point of building something new that is supposed to look old or be "period" whether that is Spanish colonial, Louis XIV, Victorian a medieval Castle or what ever it might be that people come up with. In the end it 99.99% of the time looks as good as Astro turf for your front lawn. I what style should a new house be built?
I don't get it.
I was an English major. I never worked in the field, though. I deployed all the "theory" because it was what the profs wanted to hear, but IMHO its prevalence detracted from the field. I found that critics typically started with the conclusion and then looked for support. No doubt literature has politicized aspects to it. But the literature should always be the focus, not the means to an end. At the higher academic levels, I felt that the literature was often...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y 3/4 view. It's looking very BMW Z4 Coupe-ish. I wonder how big those doors are, too. If it seats 4 with comfort, they must be enormous. --Andre higher res
Yes, Princeton is very nice. I would live there. Not sure where you would work if you lived there though. It's quite a hike both to Philadelphia and NYC. I would probably only live there if I actually worked in NJ. Same with most nice places in NJ (like Somerset County). Northern NJ is close to NYC (plus) but full of McMansions and assholes (minus).
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