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Quote: Originally Posted by Find Finn Looks very cheap and American, when ever I watch an American. Looks Smallbone of Devizes to me. In any event - not cheap.
That design would get old after about 1 week. Maybe less.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I personally really like the white kitchen you posted above - with the mods I mentioned (mostly less Chinese armoire plus SZ fridge instead). Pretty close to a perfect kitchen IMO (also pretty much the same as our kitchen to be fair) Agreed. I like it. We did white cabinets too.
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Well technically clothing item, since its jewelry but still... Congratulations
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut i read the title wrong, thought this was going to be an interesting thread. and holy shit all of these clocks suck. get a regular clock. Yes, OP wants a big, fat, juicy clock.
A vintage, bejeweled Cartier clock would also be sick. But unless you have a security staff, I can't imagine leaving something like that lying around on your desk.
This "yuck" looks nice and inviting to me: What's cool to look at and where one would be comfortable living aren't necessarily the same thing. Also, I'm not sure everyone here grasps that reasonable people can have different architectural and stylistic tastes. But, then again, this is Styleforum, where everyone's way is the only way.
A bit pricey
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Well that doesn't make too much sense to me. I wouldn't want to turn around and throw pots in the island sink - one, it will drip everywhere on the wood floors; two, this is the central island that's set up for guests to sit and have a drink while the meal is being prepared - I'm not throwing a stack of pans under their nose I don't mind prepping away from the range on the island, as you explained, but the main sink...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Does the dealer also re-weld the chassis/frame? I've been to the factory, and it's certainly a fascinating, impressive experience. National Geographic did a whole special on the factory, which is a great watch IMO:
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