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Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Huh, never even knew they had a home brand. I believe it's the same company as Pottery Barn. Williams Sonoma is their high end brand. So, WS, Pottery Barn, West Elm has the same thing going on as Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy. I think Williams Sonoma Home is well-made, nice stuff. I have a couch from them too.
Quote: Originally Posted by styla786 HI ZJPJ83 I love your curved top door going into the kitchen area. Was that original or did you have that done when your put in the cabinets? Original. They were all through the basement (pre-construction pic below). We thought they were quirky, so we kept them. In general, though, the house before was just awful. I'll have to find some other pre-construction pics. There were lots of cherubs. ...
Williams Sonoma Home has a cashmere throw for $200. I have one, and it is soft and warm. I recommend it.
We also have a second kitchen for overflow/entertaining. It's by the bar/TV/pool table/hangout area. As a kitchen, it's useful basically only on holidays when lots of people are over. But on a day to day basis, it's mostly just used for refrigerating drinks. There are no windows, which kind of sucks. It wasn't really "designed," just intended to be functional for what it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo A) That's fucking awesome. For you guys who are trying for the Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn look, that's how you do it. B) 2 Dishwashers? 3) Why are the ovens so far away from the stovetop? (side note: I've never been very good at indexing) Thanks. Agreed, the ovens are not ideal there. You have to carry stuff over. Behind those cupboards to the right of the oven is the "baking station", which...
Here's our kitchen. Sorry for the clutter, it's well lived-in. It was sort of designed around the butcher block, which forms part of the T-shaped island.
I read them as a kid too.
gdl - interesting what you did with the tiled hood vent. It's something you see in less new kitchens, where it can look kind of tired. But in your kitchen I think it works really well. Reminded me of this (where the kitchen definitely needs a re-do):
gdl, that's really nice
Agreed, very nice.
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