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The sphinx also used to be extremely colorful, I believe.
Yes and no, from my perspective. I completely agree with the concept in some cases. Certainly with ceramics and sculpture. Also, if you go to Masada in Israel, they have rebuilt some of the fallen stones on the ruins, using original stones that were right at the foot of the old walls (so it was pretty easy to determine where the stones originally were). Nevertheless, they have drawn a black line all around the ruins to differentiate what was there versus what was...
What makes you think these are John Lobb? Soles/heels certainly don't look Lobb. Though the handwriting inside looks similar to what you see in Lobb. Curious what the quality difference may be.
LOL at the price
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 I'm not going to lie though. If I was super intoxicated (which is really rare anyway), I could see myself hitting that. My body would probably be sore the morning after. Are you a virgin? Just curious.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Any particular reason? The new staircase is just just completely out of place with everything around it. Sometimes this works, like a piece of modern art in a very classic space can sometimes be interesting and benefit from the juxtaposition. But, here, to my eye, it just looks silly. I think I like everything in the other pictures you posted. Cool place.
Sorry, I think this looks ridiculous:
I like the console but would have dovetailed it. It can be a bit OTT if you show it off with a different stain or something (see below), but most people wouldn't know the difference anyway.
What's not to understand? Abu Dhabi has lots of money. (You should see their new mosque, it's crazy!) Why would a Sheik wear the same sandals as Joe Shmoe? I understand why JLP would try to tap that market.
The 911 is great, but I found the modern ones kind of soul-less. Would make for a great daily driver, though.
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