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Quote: Originally Posted by dave333 I picked Middlebury over a couple "lower" Ivies and I'm pretty happy with my decision. Small, elite LACs like amherst, williams, midd, swarthmore, and pomona should definitely not be overlooked compared to their bigger Ivy siblings. The small atmosphere certainly has some advantages. I agree with this too.
I have multiple Ivy degrees and think Ivies are fine, but I wouldn't pick an Ivy over a another top school like Chicago or Stanford just because it's an Ivy.
Wasn't that bad / different from the regular song.
The sphinx also used to be extremely colorful, I believe.
Side note: I was recently traveling to Israel, and damn - that security process is intense.
Yes and no, from my perspective. I completely agree with the concept in some cases. Certainly with ceramics and sculpture. Also, if you go to Masada in Israel, they have rebuilt some of the fallen stones on the ruins, using original stones that were right at the foot of the old walls (so it was pretty easy to determine where the stones originally were). Nevertheless, they have drawn a black line all around the ruins to differentiate what was there versus what was...
Quote: Originally Posted by zarathustra Hope and Change. Hope and Change. Yeah...and we're closing Guantanamo too, right...and Iran will become a nice guy if we open up some nice diplomatic dialogue... I guess things change a bit when you transition from idealistic academic to decision-maker sitting in the Oval Office confronted with the hard realities of the world.
Is it the "off-site" vs. "on-site" that's bothering everyone? Or the fact that they can look at your computer at all?
Sounds good to me. You have child porn on your computer?
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