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Hi all, trying to track down the SS13 Blue/White surf print pop over in a size Large(already tried Nepenthes + Odin), nowhere in Europe seems to have taken it. Did respond to a seller on here but not heard back. Any ideas let me know, proxy etc much appreciated! If anybody missed the following from SS 11/12 items and is interested, I have them, unworn, overzealous with previous EG seasons and never got round to wearing, all brand new, tags attached etc Chauncey Shirt...
Deleted........posted in error, sorry!
Quote: Originally Posted by babump +1: Anyone know whose stocking the fatigue shorts in either the black or khaki polka dots? Saw them in Odin Lafayette last Fri....
Hi, has anybody used/can recommend a good proxy in Japan? Am searching hard for a couple of pieces I think are Japan only and have found them (pics attached) but need help to purchase etc... By chance if anybody has seen/know of these with a store outside Japan let me know also. All assistance greatly appreciated!
Had a kind offer of proxy service so I hope the MAC folks will in fact acknowledge a "local" request. By the way, great service recently from Sam @ Context and Celeste @ Stuart + Wright for EG pieces I couldn't track down in Europe....
Hi, would anybody stateside be kind enough to try to purchase for the Engineered Garments Camp shirt in Brown/White (Pic attached) madras size Large from MAC in San Fran?? Shimon @ Nepenthes told me MAC are stocking but they don't seem particularly keen on helping me, no reply to mails. Get in touch if you're willing able to assist in any way?? Message me here or Much appreciated Neil
Hi, is the cruiser still available???
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