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Posts by albion some great photos here, not sure if they have been posted here or not. A bit like this one.
I haven't been here for quite a while, so i do not know if these have been posted previously, but there are some interesting pics here.
@11:18 legendary comb over.
Anyone got any info/opinions about Stuart McGuire Brogues? Just saw this pic and like the look of them. Opinions/experience of, greatly appreciated.
I have always rather liked the 3989s
I have bought several pairs over the years from ebay for around 60-70 quidsome here for 90 quid
Cheers, i'll check them out. There's a very useful self measure tutorial on the Thick As Thieves website.
Any recommendations for an off the peg Tonic/2Tone suit? Bespoke is a bit too out of my price range at the moment. Cheers.
Thanks Get Smart.. Yeah the one i am bidding on is a slim fit grey "tonic" and i am going a couple of inches bigger than my usual fit because i heard they tend towards the small side.
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