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Perhaps I'm just revealing my unrefined tastes, but I think the PA is a great-looking shoe for professional business dress. I don't really want anything sleeker than that. The Strand would be less so, IMO, being a little more "busy." I love my walnut Strand, but more so for a business-casual look.
Which JAB blazer is that? What is the sleeve length? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Acer . . . . p.s. sig gold suits are on sale now, $547ish for 1st, then whatever 70% off 1095 is for the second. I think they were on sale for under 400 earlier, if I see that again would I be crazy to pick one up? That's not one of their best sales. A four-day 65% off sale ended on Sunday. The sales are all over the map, sometimes 50% off, sometimes buy 1 at full price and get two free, sometime 60% off,...
Tons of clothes are bought on eBay, as evidenced by the threads here. It seems, though, that to buy successfully on eBay, you really have to know what you are doing, and I'm just not that familiar with what to look for and perhaps do not want to invest the amount of time necessary to do it well. Good deals can doubtlessly be found, but I suspect a lot of those deals find their way back to eBay or the local thrift store. What are your thoughts on eBay--yes, no, sometimes?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shoe City Thinker The HSM Gold Trumpeter line is better than the JAB Signature line. Thanks.
I found this new Hart Schaffner & Marx suit on eBay and wondered how it compared with a Jos A Bank Signature suit that can be bought for about the same price JAB online. My guess is that there wouldn't be much difference in quality, but some of you will know based on experience. Any thoughts? Thanks much.
I'm interested in this suit on eBay, but I have no clue what the "Wardrobe" model is. Does anyone know? Thanks.
I have let my suits and blazers really deteriorate, and the quality wasn't that great to begin with, as I'm learning through searches here and on AAAC. I want to upgrade the quality, but I have to deal with a fairly restrictive budget. Let's say I can spend about $800, and I need at minimum one classic navy blazer and two dark suits. What would you suggest? Ebay? JAB Signature suits? Anderson-Little blazer? I wear a 40R with a 34" waist, so I don't think fitting should...
I think I've read that it's 55/45 wool/polyester. That one blazer is what they make, focusing upon one evidently popular article to fill a niche and keep costs down. Again, from what I've read, the wool blend is done so well that many think it is 100% wool. They are pretty high on them at AAAC, considering the cost and, as Metlin says, staying quite wrinkle-free during travel. Edit: The A-L blazer is 55/45 polyester/wool.
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