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My order took two months, and I live Spain. After one month I sent an e-mail and they told me I'd receive an invoice soon. Took another month! I though a pair of shoes of the classic line would be already made and ready to send but that didn't seem the case with these at least. Shoes are nice and fit well, though. So I won't complain... ---- [Has anybody recently had problems with delivery from Meermin? I ordered two pairs of LM shoes (plum museum calf and black...
Ok, I would probably get more use out of these: They're boring but that's probably not bad for 3rd shoe pair. Thank you so much. Maybe longwings for 4th or 5th...
Well, I like the masculine understated thing and if they can work with dark brown flannel pants that'll be a plus... Still wondering.
So we're 50/50 on this subject. Anyone have some more insight on this? Is black really too severe for business casual? Thanks for the previous answers.
Thinking about buying these from Meermin: I'll be wearing tan and navy moleskins and grey and brown flannels, basically (these will be for autumn/winter). I really like the broguing, shape and rubber sole and I think black shoes will be fine to alternate with the brown wingtips when wearing the greys and navys (not with the tan and brown). I have, basically, two pair of shoes that I'm wearing to work: Brown suedes and brown wingtips. Would be a plain toe blucher...
To avoid it you should shave your Freddy Mercury moustache
Cotton top, wool bottom. Navy cotton sport coat (corduroy?), cotton shirt and sweater Wool pants and socks Herring shoes (yeah, I know I need more shoes) Some day I'll be able to take clearer pictures... but you get the idea.
50 euros shipping included to Europe, 60 euros shipping included to the rest of the World. This shirt has never been used (tag still there). I bough it last year in Stockholm at the NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) during hollidays but later I found it to big for me so... It's a L size, 100% cotton, machine washable and made in Portugal. I'm not an expert but it looks like a nice quality cotton, with a good weight and soft to the touch. Actual measures are these: Collar (flat,...
The unbuttond cuff is so common that I bought a (cheap) cotton sport coat last summer and it's got all working buttons/buttonholes except the last one wich has the buttonhole closed to keep it unbuttoned... Of course I opened the hole and closed the button.
Yeah, in factI didn't wear the jacket in the office... as you probably know already.
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