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My recent collection Midnight Blue Wigmore MTO Deco Black Bowlly MTO
Dear Sirs, I post my just receieved shoes here.
To Leather man, Yes, it is on DG70.
Dear Jangofett Actually I have already owned two pairs of blue shoes. Thus I bought racing green this time. This would be matched to my midnight blue jeans and also black jeans
Some thinks that it's a weird color. Actually it looks like black and only be noticed as dark green under high light. And that is what "Off black" means which is mentioned by Tony Gaziano. So I can wear it with my deep color jeans and shirts. Don't worry about it.
After waiting about 5 months, I recieved my MTO gable today. With everyone's help, I can decide the order. Thus I share it here for reference. It's really amazing that G&G can generate this color only with my words below. "Color: Racing Green/Off Black Almost black and it's hard to notice it's green, but still has special leather glossy different to black"
It is a proof of hand lasting of the shoes Both my woodcote and 2010 has that
Dear medtech_expat Thanks for your great picture of DECO. I have heard that the last is pointer than current last. Do you know the size comparison to the DG70? If I wear UK8E in DG70, what size should I wear in DECO last?
I have ordered an Gable in DG70 and in racing green. But I am still waiting for the completion. Once I get it, I will post the picture here.
Actually I don't like double monk either before. But I found I like the double monk without the caped toe. Simple cut is better for me. And the double monk matches slim jeans very much.
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