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The Mountain Hardwear Downtown parka has a similar look and has no outside logos at all that I can find. I have not lived w/ a CG, so can't compare, but the Downtown is certainly quite warm. The hood is also warm, but has no fur (which I prefer). I picked one up new for $130 over the summer on eBay.
Who does polos well (lately)? Golfers. RLX, Adidas, Nike, Puma. I also like Burberry, although you have to pay $125 for a $10 shirt. Lands' End aren't bad either.
^ I was thinking more along the lines of hillbilly chique casual.
The key is to wear the vest with nothing underneath.
The Bloomingdale's at 1000 3rd Ave Manhattan has CG at 25% off. Lots of Chilliwacks, lots of black and navy, size L, XL, and a few XS. Not many S or M, so not that helpful to me. Some other models, as well. They had about 2 dozen coats as of about 2 weeks ago. Neglected to post at the time, sorry.
Since you are just getting started, you will go crazy trying to do everything at once. I suggest starting simple. First, find a pair of jeans that fit. Dark wash denim can be dressed up pretty well. OK, there's a million choices, so I'll narrow it down. Start with Levi's. They're inexpensive, decent quality, and most importantly, have a lot of cuts. JC Penney's carries a wide range of Levi's, try going there. Try every cut they have. Take 6 pair at a time (or...
Unfortunately, in that price range, it's trial and error, keep trying different brands, find something close, then find a good tailor. It can be done.
Gustin - Hard "G" or soft in pronounciation?
Here's a CG Ontario, black, XL on sale locally for $555.99 from $694.99, not much, but it's something:
Most places, including Nordstrom, carry the Chilliwack and Expedition in black. I have also seen the Chilliwack in red, the Burnett in gray, and the Chateau in black. The CG website has 16 different coats, each available in 8-16 colors. I don't mind buying on-line and exchanging a few times, but it would be fun to see more models and especially, more colors, before taking the plunge. But I get it, they are expensive for retailers to stock and a gigantic selection in...
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