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Just my two cents: I just purchased a Barbour double-twist tweed wool coat. The length is long enough to be worn with a suit coat or sport jacket, and the quality is beyond reproach. I certainly have no regrets. One other thing to add: If you are buying in the States you may want to purchase your coat in the UK. I saved $200 over the retail prices of stores in the US, even with customs duty. Z
Quote: If the shirt is an older one that says "Luciana Barbera The Shirt" I believe they are made by a Nepolitian factory. For the modern ones they could be made by Lorenzini. I am not sure though. It says "The Shirt". Does that matter in terms of quality? Z
Just wondering. Picked up one today on close-out at Saks. Thanks, Z
From searching the forum it appears that Barbour makes great outerwear. Here is a link to a site which sells the entire line: Barbour Line of Products Hope this helps. I may be buying one very soon. Z
Quote: For a more versatile coat, why don't you try a chocolate brown three-quarter length jacket.  I feel like I'm about to set myself up for crucifixation here, but A|X often has some pretty good ones at a reasonable price starting this time of year.  Just don't do the boxy leather blazer thing, please.  Or I'll have to mock you, and what good would that do anyone? It's not 3/4 length, but it's brown. Anyone familar with Barbour? From what I...
Quote: How about something a little longer? Something like that, you could wear with jeans, slacks, a suit if you really needed to. And the length hides a multitude of sins...   EDIT: Maybe a brown one. Easier to coordinate with navy and gray, and less cliched to boot. Looked everywhere for something like what you describe, Nick; here is the best I could find. RL Purple Label Long Coat It may be too long, but it's quality is impeccable. Let me...
Quote: Quote: what about a classic flight jacket? Sure, if it's 1986 and you're called 'Goose' or 'Iceman'. Does the jacket have to be leather? How about a peacoat, or a down-filled Gore-Tex jacket? More warmth, less pseudo-military eighties bad-boy vibe. What line of work are you in, and what other clothing will you be wearing with this jacket? I am employed by the State of Florida as a Senior Classification Officer in a...
Quote: what about a classic flight jacket? Hi Foxx, Is this what you mean? Looks promising. What do you think of the quality? Flight Jacket Z
Been doing a great deal of thinking about purchasing a leather jacket. I live in SW Florida, and the only reason I would even consider one is that I work outside during the "cold" part of the season. Still, I don't want to skimp. Saw a nice Polo RL windbreaker-style jacket for about $300, and a Joseph Abboud for the same money. Don't need a heavy coat, and not really into the motorcycle bad-boy image. What do you guys think? Z
Bengal-stripe, Have you had experience with the ready-to-wear Savile Row suits? Would this be a viable option for an American who doesn't make visits to London? Z
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