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PM sent. I just missed out on these from Ed...
Quote: Originally Posted by Groover The cork will have been replaced as the welting machine needs to run inside the cavity to stitch the welt on. The insole will only be replaced if: 1. you requested it or 2. If it needed replacing due to cracking etc. Replacing the sole with a different one? Can you elaborate? If the sole was originally leather then (certainly in my experience) Church's would have replaced it with leather. The sole was...
I posted here a few months ago a question on Church's recrafting process and after some debate, decided to spend $160 to recraft a pair of Tasmania boots. This is my first recrafting experience. They arrived today after about 2 months and they have a new sole and welt, along with a new heel pad and laces. I had assumed the footbed would be rebuilt as well, but when I put my hand into the boot, I can still feel indentions from each toe, and obviously the leather...
Can anyone identify these Edward Green for Ralph Lauren loafers? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWNX:IT
Nice stuff...
Sent you PM
David, I'll take the Brioni suit. Number 11. Thanks!
Very cool and nice price, wish it was smaller. Good luck with the sale.
Would be interested in 42s - thank you!
Honestly I've forgotten if these sold or not. I will check this weekend and let you know.
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