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This is a nice, antique alligator bag. Very nice for its age. http://cgi.ebay.com/ALLIGATOR-CROCOD...item3caa344058
Thank you RJman!
I want that jacket so much, but it's a bit rich for me...
What size?
It's not hard to find posts in this forum where poor customer service was given, and it does seem to be true that people are more willing to share negative experiences than positive ones. However... Most of us probably spend significant dollars on clothing, and I for one, would like to know where I'm more likely to get good service, or good service after the sale. My story is below, hope you have one to share. It could help us all as we determine where to...
Really nice merchandise!
Nice boots. If they were my size, I'd be interested...
I'm interested.
Might be good to add a size...
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