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Very nice!
Guess, I just don't get Tom Ford shoes. Only a couple that are somewhat attractive - the double monks are my favorite, too bad they're for golf.
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi If you're 5'7" why are you looking at larges, is your chest huge? I'm 5'9" and most of my tees are a little on the short side (Usually wearing Zara super slim fit small) and would definitely fit someone 5'7". But if you're looking at large that's like a 40+ chest right? Most of my tees are 17-18" p2p at most. Yes - my chest is 44" waist is 33" - fit is always hard...
OK - so I've looked at most of the suggestions - Target, Banana Republic, Uniqlo, etc. and really appreciate the ideas, but even if the shirt is short, the sleeves are too long. I'm looking for sleeves that don't come down nearly to my elbows - partway down the bicep would be good.
Thanks for the responses, guys. Doesn't seem like it should be that hard to find, but I keep missing on on-line purchases... I'll try the suggestions you listed.
I cant seem to find an athletic cut/fitted t-shirt that has a body and sleeves that are short enough. I've tried American Apparel (large - fitted) and Analog (large - fitted) and they both come with a body length that comes to my crotch (I'm 5'7") and has sleeves that nearly reach my elbow. I'd like colors and/or graphics. Thanks for any help.
Is the memory card included?
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Those are from the days when they were made by C&J. Thanks for the edification - I noticed the label was different, but didn't know they were made by C&J. Assume the quality has gone up since Lobb took them in-house? How would you describe the quality differential?
Lobb Paris - 7.5 William BIN $255. Have seen better days, but look to have lots of life... They are my size, but unfortunately, I already have this exact shoe...
Nice jackets
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