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Last drops! EG for RLPL sold.
Bump for big price reductions!
More shoes added!
Okay, moving closet from Summer wear to Winter wear, found these shoes that I haven't worn or don't wear any longer. Prices include ground shipping to US. Prefer not to ship overseas (had a bad experience). Last drops 10/21! All Sold. If you want a single pair, the prices are below. Florsheim Kenmoor Wingtips in black pebbled. Very little wear, the wording on the rubber heal is still very readable and they haven't been re-soled. 9D and seem to run true to...
Lobb William is one of my favorites, also have a Vass double monk on F last, which is a bit sleeker. Both are very nice. EG for RLPL had a nice one a couple of years ago, forget the name...
I have these boots as well. Bought my normal size and half size smaller. For my feet, they seem about a 1/4 size large. I couldn't make the half size smaller boots work and returned them. In any case, they are super boots that I wear quite frequently and are developing that nice, shell patina... Buyer will be happy, I think.
Nice stuff...
PM sent on 29...
I have these boots, in a lined version. Wearing them today - they are great!
PM sent on 4 pair.
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