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Very nice of you to share your deals. Good luck with the sales!
Very cool jacket...
Please put me on the list as well.
Now a group sale. Ready to ship out soon!
Last drops! EG for RLPL sold.
Bump for big price reductions!
More shoes added!
Okay, moving closet from Summer wear to Winter wear, found these shoes that I haven't worn or don't wear any longer. Prices include ground shipping to US. Prefer not to ship overseas (had a bad experience). Last drops 10/21! All Sold. If you want a single pair, the prices are below. Florsheim Kenmoor Wingtips in black pebbled. Very little wear, the wording on the rubber heal is still very readable and they haven't been re-soled. 9D and seem to run true to...
Lobb William is one of my favorites, also have a Vass double monk on F last, which is a bit sleeker. Both are very nice. EG for RLPL had a nice one a couple of years ago, forget the name...
I have these boots as well. Bought my normal size and half size smaller. For my feet, they seem about a 1/4 size large. I couldn't make the half size smaller boots work and returned them. In any case, they are super boots that I wear quite frequently and are developing that nice, shell patina... Buyer will be happy, I think.
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