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well done.
If I recall correctly, all the 501s I ever tried on were true to size while the 514s and 511s seemed vanity sized by maybe an inch. Hope that helps.
Yup lol... no Bootcamp for me huh?
the bashing in here is incredibly well done so lemme make it easy...: Imaginary Foundation APC Nike
N&F comes up with the most creative shit. LOL @ shitty company, go buy some $500 Levis ripoffs because the internetz told you to.
yeah bro those costume nationals are horrendous... even in a thread full of horrendous sneakers (sorry).
Thanks for the recommendations, guys. Really appreciate it. I'm in Princeton, New Jersey - about an hour and a half from NYC, hour from Philly.
Hi all. I'm currently looking for a suit within $400. I have a slightly athletic build and the one suit that I have is a crappy Alfani for Macy's piece that fit like a garbage bag, and I hope to throw it into the fireplace as soon as I find some new ones. Can anyone recommend me some companies to look at? I want something slim fitting and stylish, but conservative enough that I can use it for job interviews. Thanks!
Zara jeans aren't too bad if you find the right wash. Some of them look really cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by Petezjunior I was wondering if you guys had any brand suggestions instead of slim clothing. From the small amount of time I've spent here, it seems like this board is mainly populated by skinny ass dudes so you're not gonna get too much help here besides the "go to the gym" comments. Try out Ralph Lauren Black/Purple Label, Burberry, Brooks Brothers, etc... Really, just go to Bergdorf Goodman and check out what they...
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